Additional Events for GenCon

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Additional Events for GenCon

I was literally one minute late for submitting my wishlist, and pretty much every EP event at GenCon is booked.

1) Based on past experience, some events that were 'full' I was able to get in on with generics without too much trouble. What are the chances with EP events.

2) Because of the high demand, will new events be added, and is there anyway we can get updated when they do?

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I can say in previous years,

I can say in previous years, we have always tried to fit other people into a game if there's space available. Early morning games usually have extra space. Of course, this is limited by the number of people already at the table.

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I actually submitted more

I actually submitted more events this year than last, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that we're limiting tables to 6 people. Our GM crew felt really strongly that tables of 7 or more detracted from the experience for everyone involved... So rather than being greedy, we're going with what we know we can staff and give a good game to everyone.

Sorry you didn't make it in. There's not a lot we can do about people snapping up every event the moment pre-reg opens. :(

We've had to scrape for GMs every year. The moment we have too many, we will up the number of events we offer.

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