Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality

This has been making the rounds lately, and it made me think of what some of the more extreme augmented reality/rep score sorts of situations could be like in Eclipse Phase.

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Probably most people won't

Probably most people won't move to AR on quite that level of obtrusiveness: the power of AR is its ability to be inobtrusive.

It's mentioned that in several social circles AR is used to essentially "reskin" the world around someone, but it's also a very useful professional tool.

AR likely takes many forms; few people will want a lot of information all at once, but they will want to have a few tool-tips that can pop up, such as those regarding reputation networks and social media data on those around them. Obviously, most people will also want personal information, such as their own rep network standing and other important accounts, but even these will likely be subdued most of the time, only becoming apparent when there's a change.

However, AR is likely also going to be used for utility. Zooming in on something, adjusting the brightness, or otherwise enhancing senses that a transhuman doesn't have enhanced via the magic of AR sensors can be a powerful thing, as well as the ability to identify products or objects in an environment.

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I, for one, would prefer a

I, for one, would prefer a very different body, given the choice. Meaner, stronger, and more mobile.

Also, more reliable.

I imagine that after the singularity, a lot of people will go soft, and a shockingly large minority will be complete beasts, even if they're also soft. Once given the necessary motivation, they'll sharpen up nicely...