Can software and blueprints be carried with you when egocasting?

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Can software and blueprints be carried with you when egocasting?

So I was checking out this EP character generator for making presets, and I noticed that it listed AIs, software, etc, as its own category. Most gear is divided between the morphs you have:

And it did raise a question: even in our modern day electronic storage spaces can allow us to grab PDFs, videos, and anything virtual no matter where we are in the world. I presume a similar function would be in Eclipse Phase's Mesh (provided you have the security clearance for certain items).

I looked in the core rulebook's section on software, and it did not say anything one way or another.

Am I mistaken in my thoughts?

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From my understanding, you

From my understanding, you get to keep all your files, software, and other data when you egocast. I found some helpful egocasting information in Transhuman p. 181 in the very last paragraph.

No, there’s no reason to keep all this crap around.
You know what you can carry with you when you
egocast? Blueprints. Skills. Expertise. That’s where the
real operator lives. Not in the physical implements,
but in the program running on the metal or the meat.
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Yes, egocasting (unless the

Yes, egocasting (unless the GM is messing with you) includes your muse, data, software... basically anything that lives in your mesh inserts.

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I asked a semi-related

I asked a semi-related question to this a while ago; Farcasting and Customs

Essentially if you take all this data with you, like yea you can encrypt it but surely no polity is going to be like "oh well fair enough, you don't want to declare those hacking tools that's fine by us!" - I eventually privately just decided to always assume Firewall people use darkcasting and leave it at that ;)

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If the Blueprints are

If the Blueprints are encrypted well enough they might not know -what- you're actually bringing with you. Or it may seem to be generic media files until you fix it on arrival.

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Welcome to Mars. We will now subject you to a full Audit.

In my personal cannon, everthing is encrypted as a single package.
Remember, your data also includes every piece of private information you have, including your finances, personal accounts, access codes, licences/deeds of ownership, and the software you run in your brain.
I've also noted in other threads that functionally embedding data into the Ego itself isn't hard thanks to Psychosurgery.

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I know this is coming in

I know this is coming in superlate, but thank you for all your responses.

Makes stocking up on blueprints at chargen a better long-term solution, barring restricted technologies and such. But I suppose that fits rather well with the post-scarcity setting.

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I think of it like luggage.

I think of it like luggage. You are allowed some, though you might need to pay extra if you have too much (like 7 version-controlled personal back-ups and 3 stored beta forks).

Customs may or may not insist you open your encrypted digital luggage for inspection. Some governments favor privacy and personal liberty, others favor security. It's a wide spectrum. Maybe they even do "random" checks on people with low rep. In the inner system, they can probably "expedite" the process for a high c-rep VIP (no check), but some anarchist without c-rep is probably smuggling all sorts of pirated software.

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I've been thinking more about

I've been thinking more about what bandwidth limitations there are with egocasting. There is mention of people using full or partial forks/AGI as muses or storing pre-pruned forks for convenience. The data should be equal to multiple egos in these cases. Most software is probably of negligible size next to an ego, but egos, and maybe beta forks, aren't.