The Stars Our Destination Available Now!

The Stars Our Destination is now available on DriveThruRPG! This Scum Swarn Setting is 18 pages, in both portrait and landscape-oriented PDFs, and priced at only $5.

Written by Eclipse Phase co-creator Brian Cross, The Stars Our Destination details a prominent scum swarm in the Eclipse Phase setting. Gamemasters will find a useful nomadic setting complete with ship descriptions, NPCs, and plot hooks. Players will find a handy background for their scum characters as well as more details and information on how this faction lives and operates.

The Stars Our Destination Cover

Eclipse Phase Third Printing Update and El Destino Verde!

It's a busy day at Posthuman headquarters as we have two releases—and one of them is the latest version of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, to coincide with the upcoming third printing. There are some slight rules tweaks, some visual touchups, new pieces of art, and the PDF itself is improved with many hyperlinks and layers, so you can create your own print-friendly version on the fly. Still for the delicious price of only $15: Eclipse Phase at DriveThruRPG.com!

The third printing of Eclipse Phase is at the printers, and we will announce a street date for it when the books are in our warehouse and on their way to game retailers. If you are a retailer, we'll be providing you with some cool news about the reprint very soon!

Ego Hunter has landed!

Ego Hunter is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG!

Ego Hunter is a short adventure for Eclipse Phase. Players take on the role of different forks of the same person who work together to track down their original (alpha) self, who has gone missing and is wanted for murder. They soon find the situation is even more complicated and dangerous than it seems.

Ego Hunter was designed as a one-shot scenario using both provided characters and sample characters from the Eclipse Phasecore rulebook but can also be modified for use in an ongoing campaign.

The download package will include the adventure PDF in both portrait and landscape formats.

Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

We have another preview for Gatecrashing today -- this one includes the writeup on the exoplanet colony Sky Ark. This colony's focus is on providing a refuge for and repopulating the wildlife on Earth -- and also bringing extinct species back to life. It features a fantastic piece from Tom Garden of, hell yes, a synthmorph riding a dinosaur.

Download the preview here.

Even more exciting then the preview, however -- the Gatecrashing PDF is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG, just in time for the holidays! This is a PDF of the full book (clocking in at 200 pages), and like all of our PDFs, it is layered (for easy printing), bookmarked, and hyperlinked.

Gatecrashing Previews, Price Change, and PDF Street Date

We are pleased to announce that Gatecrashing, our next print Eclipse Phase title, is at the printers and all things are going well. Gatecrashing is slightly bigger than Sunward, clocking in at 200 full-color pages.

We aren't quite ready to announce the Street Date yet, as the holiday season is well-known to play havoc with printing and shipping schedules.

Gatecrashing Cover

But before we get to the fun stuff of the next preview, we do have an important announcement, one that is less fun but necessary: Gatecrashing is going to cost $44.99 in print. Eclipse Phase titles are expensive to create and print, and to keep using the writers, artists, editors, and developers that have pushed Eclipse Phase to the quality it is at—both from a production and content point of view—we cannot sustain our titles at the previous price point.

Breaking Up Is The Best Thing

We are changing how we handle one of our electronic releases: The Gamemaster Pack (GM Screen + Glory). Originally, you bought both of these components together, for $10, or $15 for the Hack Pack version. Now, they have been split apart so you can buy just one "half" of the Gamemaster's Pack.

If you have already bought the Gamemaster Pack, you don't have any reason to buy these new versions; this is a packaging change, not a content change. If we update the content in the GM Screen or Glory in the future, you will still get your free updates.

It makes a lot of sense to bundle a GM Screen with an adventure (or other GM-centric material) in print. It's really difficult to sell small adventures (as Glory is, at 24 pages) through retail. The low price point combined with the lack of durability makes these books riskier and less profitable for retailers. Bundling an adventure with a GM Screen is the accepted "sneaky but not really" method of publishing a small adventure in a format that game stores will happily sell.

Eclipse Phase Fiction In New Formats

Ebook readers are gaining in popularity, and we want to bring Eclipse Phase fiction to them. Whether you have a Kindle (or use the Kindle app for your phone/computer or an iPad or a Sony reader, or almost any other e-ink reader ... we should have you covered here. But, this is a bit of an experiment for us, and we've already discovered some hitches in the Amazon Kindle service. Namely, it tries to charge international customers two dollars more than customers in the USA. A $2 price increase on a a $0.99 title is obscene! So, with that in mind:

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