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So I've been doing a reading of all the EP books and I noticed something odd.

In several sections on uplifts its stated that there were elephant uplifts but that they didn't make it through the Fall... but then in Sunward the Lunar city of Shackle has a herd of Indian elephants (they even show up in the picture!).

So presumably there are elephants in the solar system, its just that all the uplifted ones are dead/stuck on Earth? If so, I'm imaging an idea where radical mercurials decide to liberate the Shackle herd and transport them to the rim to be cared for by their fellow non-humans.

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Nice catch.

Nice catch. I didn't ever even really look into this too closely, but you have a good point.

The obvious rationale for elephant uplifts not surviving is that they may have been more expensive to physically ship up into space than neo-avians and the like; but even allowing that, neo-whales survived. I'm not really sure why someone couldn't duplicate the uplift process on surviving elephants, too.

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Reminds me of a story I was

Reminds me of a story I was toying with.
The mission is to enter New Mumbai and neutralize the Async sensed within. The Team would eventually find out it's an elephant uplifts insane Alpha fork inhabiting a cobbled together "elephant man" biomorph. The bright side was discovering the original corpse still has it's stack!

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