End Game Conundrums

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End Game Conundrums

I've run my Eclipse Phase campaign for four years now and it's time that it comes to an end. They've been to every planetary region in the solar system (yes, including Earth) and several exoplanets. They've dealt with TITANS, super AGIs that weren't TITANS, Iktomi, the Factors, and all manner of factions , cults, and what-have-you from transhumanity.

As conclusions go it is perhaps unsurprising to see that the major forces are converging; an escaped TITAN from Earth that wants to steal the sun, the Factors are angry with the Proxies (each PC is a Proxy, with their own Sentinel team), Firewall is suspicious and worried, the Surya are staring at them with particle cannons, they've just blown up Mercury, the TITANS have broken the Interdict, and the neo-synergists - now infected with Watts-MacLeod - want them to join their cosmic thought bubble.

The problem is, everything is potentially bad news, because that's the conspiracy rule of Eclipse Phase. The Watts-MacLeod may turn out to be a Factor plant. The TITAN, now turned to negotiation, might be engaging in a cunning ruse. The rest of transhumanity will turn out to be using the PCs for their own agenda.

For those who have finished a campaign, how did you do it? Did it have a happy ending? :) Or were the characters smeared across the surface of Sol and the remnants of transhumanity with them?

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Its up to you as the narrator

Its up to you as the narrator. Do you want them to all die and wake up in a a new morphs 500 years from now, in a human utopia? Or maybe they stop the "bad guys" after killing all of the traitor in firewall that want them dead. Maybe they wake up in a pre-fall world from a super realistic accelerated VR game.

My only advice is that you end the story/stories with a satisfying conclusion, for you and the players.

So maybe they don't "win" but they do prevent the destruction of humanity, maybe at the cost of a self inflicted insurgents virus they had programed so when get "pulled" (jumpped) into that neo-synergists network of mind they take over it and direct it at the Titens or something.

There is no wrong way to end a game short of telling everyone your don't and leaving it hanging.


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Well, yes. Those are all good

Well, yes. Those are all good options (except for the VR game). Just wondering how others have done it.

How did your EC games end?

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Regrettably mine fizzled out

Regrettably mine fizzled out, very unfulfilling.

I have ran 3 EP game. One was a test and was just to learn the rules.

The second was for my wife, and ended to roll it into the 3rd game.

The 3rd one fizzled out. Two of the players wanted to make new characters and then wouldn't commit to making them. Two of them had scheduling issues for playing after getting their characters made. Then people changed their minds about playing a mid week game.

Very unfulfilling...but then I have been running RPGs on and off since I was 16...games end like that sometimes.