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Europa Report

Watched and really enjoyed Europa Report this evening. A good science fiction movie and very nice as Eclipse Phase inspiration and some ideas for Jupiter's moon Europa.

Need more thinking man science fiction movies like this, such as Sunshine, Moon, 2001/2010, Event Horizon, District 9, Abyss and Primer (and if we lower the thinking a fair bit we can maybe include the very enjoyable Alien movies, Skyline and Oblivion). Anyone else have any high caliber science-fiction movies to recommend that I might have missed?

Now, go see Europa Report and be inspired for some awesome Eclipse Phase scenes.

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I enjoyed ER, but overall

I enjoyed ER, but overall felt it was mediocre. The weird camera thing they do is jarring, the characters were underdeveloped, and I never really got 'into' it. I think part of that may have been due to my own expectations though.

I did enjoy Gravity a lot. They do bend physics a fair bit to keep the story interesting, but ignoring that, it's a lot of fun.

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For me it is exactly the

For me it is exactly the other way around. I felt emotionally and intellectually invested in the characters and plot in Europa Report, and I felt that the camera effects and way it was told gave it the right feel that made it interesting to piece together as the story unfolded.

Gravity on the other hand left me cold and bored. It felt like just an excuse for a silly, high-speed action movie that happens to be in space that vainly tries to tug on the heartstrings using old and worn-out hollywood tricks and over-the-top and not survivable action that is meant to keep you on the edge of your seat, but you know that they won't kill off the main character so it just ends up getting tedious and annoying.

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I'll have to agree that ER

I'll have to agree that ER character's are rather bland and unrelatable. I'd like to contrast this movie sharply with Alien. Alien here we had a crew of real people who didn't much care for each other and yet without getting heavy handed into back stories you understood their motivations and petty infighting. ER is just sterile. The found footage style could of worked well if we had the characters playing off each other better but it stood i felt like a security guard at the monitor

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Well, it's not a high caliber

Well, it's not a high caliber Hollywood movie, but Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets and Beyond is a very nice, mostly realistic take on a manned Grand Tour style mission.

Just whatever you do, watch the BBC version! The Discover channel one is edited for time and is dumber for it!

Hey it's on YouTube!

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Space Odyssey looks

Space Odyssey looks interesting, I'll make sure to watch the BBC version! Was not impressed to read that Fox sensored a segment on evolution in Cosmos (also a great source of inspiration on space and science).

I love the Alien movies and I agree that the characters there are great. Perhaps I felt the characters in ER were believable because they seemed like real people to me, rather than movie characters with big personalities. Interesting that I identified strongly with these characters and cared deeply about the risks they were taking and who they were, while others here clearly didn't feel that way.

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