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Excel Character Generator (yes, another one)


I've just uploaded my character generator onto the web for everyone to use. It was based off the excellent character generator by Kindala. I've tried to streamline and automate as much as possible.

As a new edition has been announced, I won't be developing this further until I see the changes to the system.


I hope people find this useful, I know I did. :)


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Looks pretty good

Looks pretty good. Seems very thorough.

I'm not super thrilled with how horizontal the layout is (though that might be my monitor resolution), and I tend to prefer more visual padding than you've got. But those are minor and completely subjective things at worst.

A few notes:
- Ego traits should probably be one of the first things selected, and as such should definitely be before Implants, at least.
- Also, I strongly suspect that you are calculating skill point costs incorrectly. With 10 ego COG, 50 ranks in Academics should be 50 points, not 55 - the morph bonus doesn't count at that time, as far as I understand it.

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Re: Skill calculations.

The point at which you add your morph bonus is only an issue for skill ranks higher than 60. if you add it in before ranks, you need less cp to get up to 60. If you raise a skill to 60 with cp then add the morph bonus, you score cheap(er) ranks for the cp you paid. (saving 1 cp per rank over 60).

I've always added all the attributes prior to buying ranks when creating a character. Would be a relatively easy fix to switch it around if that way isn't the official method. :)

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Actually doesn't work that way - time-dependency effects

The way I've seen most people interpret the rules is that CP costs for skills are only calculated before morph (or eidolon) bonuses. Otherwise you get strange time-dependency effects later on in play, that make it so that it's more advantageous to buy skill points at different times. This makes it hard to pick through the math after the fact if you need to re-count things.

That said, the book is not as clear about this as it could be. It took a close reading before I and my player group figured that out for sure.

(My own character sheet application has a "house rule" mode as an artifact of this, where the doubling only kicks in after spending more than 40 points. We stopped doing that pretty quickly, once we figured out how the rules actually worked, but I left the mode in for historical purposes and because it was easier to leave it than to strip it out.)

This is also why buying ego aptitude points with CP must explicitly be counted before buying skills, and - much to my later relief while designing my own sheet - buying ego aptitude points with Rez during advancement also includes the cost of all of the ego skill points it would increase above 60.

If you have an ego 10 in COG, and a morph +5 in COG (as your example sheet does / did), then bringing it up to 60 before your morph (=65 after morph) should be 50 points, not 55. Switching morph should then not change the cost.

Yes, this makes morph bonuses and other temporary(ish) bonuses way more powerful in relative terms, because they ignore this additional cost. That's one of my quibbles with the system, actually - at least insofar as the 00-99 dice rolls mean that a race for the skill cap of 99 soon becomes the entire objective. But at least, that way, it means that cost calculations can be done exactly once, and you don't have to remember which order things were done in, because there is only one order that it could have been done in.

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Thanks for the feedback

I've updated the skill calculations and squashed a couple of bugs, as well as adding the CP costs of sleights and adding slights to the character sheet at the end.

Updated version available at the link in first post.

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I just checked out the sheet

I just checked out the sheet and have a question, how do i use the core book rules for aptitude points?

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Much improved

This latest version seems to have addressed all of the more pressing issues I noticed, and I may very well start using it for characters I have to generate quickly on the fly, just because it automates a lot more than the solution I use for most of my sheets. Nicely done.

I just checked out the sheet and have a question, how do i use the core book rules for aptitude points?

This would be the one last thing I am not sure about. I was running into this too, when I tried to put in another character I had already built, for validation purposes.
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Umm, Unarmed combat does not

Umm, Unarmed combat does not seem to be recording.

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password to unlock?

I'd like to edit this sheet to allow for more implants on a morph, but I can't since the sheet is protected. So...what's the password?