Expanded Size Categories

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Expanded Size Categories

In the spirit of this and this, I simply expanded the size ranges, including shorthand codes for statblocks, and examples of the average size. For those who really want more crunchyness to their games, just assume that being halfway to the next size up or down adds +5 or -5 (So a target between Average and Large would be +5 to hit).

  • Nano/Micro [NM]: Nano or Microbots. Cannot be hit.
  • Very Small [VS]: Insect sized. -30 to hit
  • Smaller [SS]: Small Animal (birds, squirrels, cats). -20 to hit.
  • Small [S]: Human child, neotenics, dogs. -10 to hit
  • Average [A]: Human Adult. +/-0 to hit.
  • Large [L]: Car. +10 to hit.
  • Larger [LL]: Shipping container. +20 to hit.
  • Very Large [VL]: Building. +30 to hit.
  • Spacecraft/Habitats [SH]: If you miss this, you're so bad the Ultimates have a price on your head for being so bad.

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