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Fate Psi

So I've been thinking about Psi in Fate. The obvious path is to have a Psi skill and take stunts that allow you to use your Psi skill instead of other skills... maybe use fate points to fuel the more powerful stunts. However one thing I like about Psi in eclipse phase is that it causes mental stress. So I came up with this idea. When using the Psi skill, you may increase you roll by marking an equivalent amount of mental stress. It might need some balancing, but I think it's a nice way to retain the feel of EP Psi.

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Psi does physical damage, not

Psi does physical damage, not mental.

In other words, firing off a laser with a sufficient TWR for the recoil to be noticeable would require a post-miracle-tech laser weighing less than a disposable plastic spoon and powerful enough to shoot down Death Stars? -- ShadowDragon8685

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You know, I've never noticed

You know, I've never noticed that before. We've always played strain as lucidity damage (we've only ever had one async). I think I like the idea that it does mental stress more, but it should be easy enough to use physical stress instead. In fact I think that makes it more balanced so a character can't just mark off a bunch of mental stress to boost combat rolls while soaking damage with the physical stress. Now it's riskier because your easier to take out if you use too much Psi. Probably the same reason it does physical damage in EP core.

Any other feedback on the idea? I haven't had a chance to playtest it yet. I'm toying with the idea of only allowing players to mark stress before they roll dice. This makes Psi slightly more unpredictable.

I'm worried that combing this with fate points would lead to crazy high rolls. I probably need to cap it at +2 or something. Maybe also slow down the rate that stress clears?

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Strain is physical, not mental

The Strain is the physical toll your brain pay when you use psi sleights.
Could be some swelling, or it could be a downright aneurysm or a CVA, or a thrombosis that will leave your morph hemiplegic. Psi is a truly two edged sword

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