Flexible, multi-morph character sheet for Google Sheets

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Flexible, multi-morph character sheet for Google Sheets

Hello everyone,

I have been running and playing games of EP for a while, and I have been developing a character sheet blank for my own purposes. I have decided to share this here in case it helps anyone else.

Version 1.03 - First Release

This grew out of an accounting table I made in order to keep track of character point expenditures; from there I implemented a skills table, and then I kept refining it until it became what it is now.

It does not have any pre-defined equipment or anything else like that from the books, which means that on one hand it is more flexible with regard to house rules, but on the other it is much harder to build a character on the fly without cross-referencing with the books.

It is a little scattered - it is spread across multiple pages - and it may be slow to update, but it has so far suited my purposes fairly well.

The colored cells are the ones meant for input.

Copies downloaded as a Microsoft Word XLSX document should work too; the only thing it seemed to break is the ability to recolor the sheet dynamically.

Character points are summed up on the sheet titled CP Expenditures. I originally had a "CP Remaining" counter on the Quick Reference page; I can restore that if there is demand for that.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Update 1.04 - dice roller

Update 1.04:

I am in the process of adding a dice roller page to the sheet, to make it a little easier to play using this sheet, without having to cross-reference as much.

Currently, the dice roller has a generic 1d10, a generic d%, a skill / aptitude test roller, an initiative roller, and a damage calculator.

Because the rest of the sheet does not have any dependencies to this dice roller page, it can be copied directly into existing sheets.

Again, feedback is welcomed.