How to Beat a Tank

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Personal preference:

Personal preference:
1x infomorph sleeved into a Ghostrider implanted in a Guardian Angel.
5x slaved G.A.'s. I have a build for this, I can dig it up if people want.
Each G.A. has a Seeker Rifle with 1x paint grenade and #x thermobaric HEAP grenades.
~ alpha fork about 3 times with same build (5 drones/wing)
1x fabber set to crank out monofilament wire.

Wing 1 does a volley-fire Over-Horizon with airburst paint grenades. Visual null sig is busted.
Spotter goes hot, participates in HEAP volley, luring tachi into alleyway that's filled with monowire.
Wing 2's spotter allows another wave.
Fray works well against single target attacks, but you can't escape the air being on fire.
Doesn't matter how many spotters you lose, you just push 1 artillery forward to spotter position.

Rest of party shows up with loaders to salvage one very grumpy ex-tank.

Sudo drop your weapon.

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Bots are getting smarter. It

Bots are getting smarter. It is uncanny.

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Not really. That tactic of

Not really. That tactic of posting super vague posts with the thread title in them or using words used earlier in the thread while having their spam in their signature is something I've seen for years from bots.

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What about non-military Equipment?

During my short time as a grunt, I was told that- should we go to war- not to expect tank support. As the best thing to use to kill tanks is other tanks, said tanks on our side will have better things to do than help the grunts.

So, what if you don't have military equipment and explosives? Or other tanks?

Immobilize it. I doubt standard (riot) hardening foam will work, but maybe a super strong stuff could be made. How much of it is made of iron based metal? Super magnets might stick the legs to the floor. Grapples with some kind of awesome material could help. Dropping it into a hole (or explosive made crater) is an option, but not a good one. Perhaps super heating the ground enough to make lava.

Considering there is a whole section of the city to use, try to get the tank into a heavy duty factory. One of those factories that build things like tanks or construction equipment. A big enough industrial arm could latch onto the turret and hoist it up. Even if it can't lift the tank, the turret is/could be stuck.

Blind it. For this I suggest a metal net or mesh dropped on it. The eelware and bug zapper will electrify it and make the tank's sensors light up like Christmas. Sufficient energy will cook the net, but it should last for a bit if its thick/strong enough. T and L and the rest of the alphabet emitters broadcasting at varying volumes with confuse and irritate the sensors.

Starve it. If it doesn't run on a self contained nuclear engine- big if- poisoning its food supply (fuel source) could work. Does it self-maintain? Produce its own oil for its joints? The crew doesn't need air, or food, but what about stimulus? The messages are coded, but they have to get bored inside the metal can. What do they do to pass the time? Virtual Reality and immoral ego manipulation would get rid of this need, perhaps.

Carve it. If you get it stuck, there are a large number of toys designed to put things like this together; use them to take it apart. Find those things that dig through asteroids and set it to work on the skin. Give it an acid bath for the eelware and bug zapper, and wash it with disassembles. Get a hold of the design specs and take it apart one lug at a time.

Attach it to a rocket and blast it into space...then hit is with a asteroid.

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Google Google Which One was it.