I'm writing fanfic

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I'm writing fanfic

I've been writing Eclipse Phase Fanfic off and on for about a year now when I got really bored. I figure I'd post it and let you all get some inspiration/entertainment.

Plot synopsis The story is about a guy who got cryogenically frozen in mid 2016 and forgotten about for 100 years. When he is woken up he immediately gets a face full of transhuman culture shock and by the end of the same day ends up joining Firewall.

Content and genre On one hand this work of fiction is about an adventure on par with the hitchhiker's guide. But I also intend this to be an introduction to the setting itself, so there will be entire paragraphs devoted to background information on the setting.

The book stays mostly true to the available information, I only add my own elements to fill in gaps in the setting. For example, you'll see the N word come up because I assume racial slurs have a different meaning in the setting. This is quickly explained after it's used.
I'm giving access to write comments on my work, so feel free to highlight typos or language that doesn't make sense.

Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four: