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Jovian/Bioconservative AMA

Do transhumans still do these? I don't know anymore.

Anyways, I've been reading a lot of heat regarding Jovians and the Bioconservatives recently. In light of that, I thought to myself: "Well, it seems that I'm already considered a fascist, so what is there to lose talking about it?" And so decided to put up this conversation to clear the air.

So, just to confirm all of your fears, I am indeed a Jovian-aligned Bioconservative. That's right- one of those wackos who thinks half of you aren't real people. Just to put my opinions even further out in the open:

- I see most Infolife and Synths as robots that are programmed to act like people.

- I think cyberbrains in biomorphs are just robots who figured out how to move meat around.

- Anything with a biological brain, including those with a brain-box, I see as human.

- Pods, with their semi-cybernetic brains, blur the line between human and robot far too much for my comfort.

- I hold that biomorphs who die, but are restored from a backup are actually just new people.

That said, if any of you have a burning question about myself or my political views, go ahead and ask away. I have nothing but time.

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To get this party started, what are your thoughts on resleeving?

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DROP Wrote:

Baribal wrote:
To get this party started, what are your thoughts on resleeving?

As one might expect, not a huge fan.

I've always viewed resleeving as a death sentence; I think people die as their minds are transferred. A new version may walk away from the process feeling quite alive, but they're not the ones who died. They're just a new person who happen to know all of the things their previous iteration did. As such, I usually treat resleeves as different people when I meet them. People think I'm weird when I introduce myself to a copy of an old acquaintance, but I'm used to it.

Thankfully, my Proxies so far have been understanding and I haven't been asked to resleeve for a mission yet. I'd probably say 'no' if they did. I lack most of the parts required for a resleeve to begin with, so it would probably waste resources.

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