Just thought I'd give firewall an update.

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Just thought I'd give firewall an update.


My previous self committed suicide after the corp he was working for had him arraigned on trumped up charges for leaking that memory copyright scandal. They deleted all of his copyrighted memories, and I guess, after that, there wasn't really much left. When you spend you're whole life listening to music, watching television, and consuming media, there really isn't much else.

But I guess he had set up an Alpha fork to be farcasted to Extropia, so here I am. (nervous laughter) You tell your proxy that I'm in. I guess I'd kind of forgotten that they had removed my memories of how I died, the Titans seemed like some far away fairy tale. But watching the footage from before I was re-instantiated, watching how I died.. it made me feel like maybe (and I can't believe I'm saying this) some things are more important than money.