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LFG GMT-friendly


I'm a zoologist from Hungary. I'd be looking to play in an online, english-speaking, GMT-friendly group, either 1st or 2nd edition, I have no strong preferences - I'd be interested in trying 2nd, though. I have ideas for several different types of characters, so, whatever the group needs I can do.

I'm familiar with the system and the setting, having played a few times, and read a lot of lore. I've been rpg-ing for a good 15 years now. I'm all good with "Plan B: shoot everything that moves" scenarios every now and then, but pure shoot 'em up type games aren't that appealing for me.

I'm available past 17:00 GMT weekdays, and at any agreed upon time from 07:00-23:00 GMT on weekends. Respond or PM please if anything pops up, or if you have questions. Thanks, and cheers!

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I would also love to join a

I would also love to join a game as well, actually made an entire account just so I could reply!

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3rd. Stockholm

Hi there!
An MD/neuroscientist from Sweden. Looking for a newbie-friendly group to play with.
While being quite new to tabletop RPGs in general, I'm very determined to learn. So, please, count me in too.

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4th France

Count me in. I'm okay with GMing as well.

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5th Sweden

I would love to actually get a chance to EP. Student of Narrative design here.