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Locations on Earth

Hi, I am writing a campaign for my group that will involve searching for a rumoured 6th Pandora Gate on Earth. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts - or could point me to info about - the state of the rainforests on post Fall Earth. Are we talking completely destroyed? Forests of charred, dead trees? Is there still plant life on Earth?

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Well, a rainforest is plenty

Well, a rainforest is plenty of easily converted carbohydrates that could gobbled up by nanoswarms in a firestorm: http://www.foresight.org/nano/Ecophagy.html

Whether the rainforests were around before the Fall or not depends on a lot of factors. I seem to recall that the world was warmer than now, which could mean either/or depending on the water cycle (warmer = more rain, clouds and flooding; but also potential megadroughts - since the rainforest helps wet the atmosphere it might represent a tipping point) and heat stress (could be a limiting factor). During the ice age Amazonia was largely savanna due to lower rainfall, and I think most ecological models point in the direction that it is a bistable system: either rainforest or savanna, no stable mixture.

I would go for whatever option makes the place as creepy or exciting as possible. Imagine a cold dead Amazon overgrown with enormous mutated fungi (or nanovirii?) in the rain from the darkened sky. Or a flourinshing jungle were there seem to be a lot more species than there should be, almost as if something was making loads of them - and equipping them with weird adaptations. Did that beetle just try to hack your inserts?


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OOh I like the idea of a

OOh I like the idea of a flourishing Amazon rainforest, but everything is hyper-evolved and reengineered with TITAN tech. Deathworld meets Cyberpunk!