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Traits are interesting, but unnecessary; having aspects, traits and stunts for a morph is a bit much. Traits are part of the fiction; if everyone has the same thing (e.g. cortical stack), it only needs to be mentioned when it's absent. Traits also leaves me feeling like the aspects would rarely get invoked; traits overlap them too much. It can also be hard to know what a high concept means; Menton, Ruster, Bouncer... unless you're intimately familiar with the source material, you'll never know when to invoke them!

Instead I recommend taking an approach I've seen used for races/species in other Fate games: have a list of aspects for each morph, and get players to choose several. They'll perform the same role as traits, setting out fictional truths, but be more self-explanatory. And they'll also be invokable/compellable!

For example: (the below only replaces aspects and traits from v2 playtest; I like the rest of the morph rules)
When you pick a morph, pick two aspects from its list. Aspects can be added to the lists at the GM's discretion; if a player makes a compelling case for why they should have an aspect, let them.

Aspects: Two in any crowd, Misshapen skinjob, Genetic defects, Homemade Cortical Stack.

Aspects: Memory Augmentation, Overclocked Cognitive Accelerator, Book-smart not look-smart, Prudish Linguistics Suite

Aspects: Octodextrous, Flexible Tentacles, Space is my new ocean-home, Uplift Stigma, Creepy Nightmare Fuel
(Ink attack is probably best included as a stunt.)

Aspects: Silicon Uncanney Valley, Memory Augmentation, "Philip, isn't that your old body?", Androids Dream of... Error! Error!

New generic morph stunt: Method Actor: When in a morph, take as many aspects as you choose. You can freely invoke 1 of the Morph's aspects after you first resleeve.

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Alternatively, morph skills

Alternatively, morph skills could be handled by two column fate:

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I actually like the traits.

I actually like the traits. It's a nice way of keeping track of some of the extra stuff a morph can do without having aspect bloat. Fate tends to really bog down when characters have 7+ aspects. Morphs already have 2 aspects that can be freely customized. You can customize the primary aspect to make it more clear, and having the morph name be an aspect covers all the bases on what you think a morph should be able to do. Also, I'm not a big fan of predetermined lists of aspects.

Honestly I'd like to maybe see some tags for weapons/gear as well. It works pretty well in Dungeon World. You can use traits for narrative permission/distinction without having to make them all aspects.