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Non-Sentinels point value

For a one shot, plan to run a small little operation, Martian Rangers who step into something deep. A Firewall Sentinel is a highly skilled and talented individual so they are built on 1000 CP or 10 PP, but as I prepare pregen characters for my group, I wonder, should Martian Rangers be built on the same scale? Or should they be dialed down, to 700 CP/7PP?

Just curious people's thoughts regarding "power level" as it were. What's the Eclipse Phase equiv to Shadowrun's "street level" ?

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I would think a ranger/police

I would think a ranger/police officer would have a bit more "training" than a sentinel right out of the box. Might be a bit more specialized. This is assuming that the martian rangers have an academy that they put recruits through versus just deputizing a posse and sending them to the tqz.

I would leave the CP the same if they are meant to be PCs.

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I'd use 800-900 for weaker

I'd use 800-900 for weaker characters, or 700 but they get a lot of issued gear which doesn't use CP.

Lowering CP numbers for characters tends to mean cheaper (and often less interesting) morphs and less gear. You get about the same character, but half the party is sleeved in Basic Pods.

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I think I will go with 8 PP,

I think I will go with 8 PP, 1 background, 1 faction (to represent political background since all four are Martian Rangers), 5 for specific job/focus (Face, Soldier, Investigator, Botjammer), and 1 for side focus to round them out.

So my plan for the four pregens is:
Street Rat 1, Criminal 1, Face 5, Con Artist or Smuggler 1

Reinstantiated Military Casualty 1, Barsoomian 1, Soldier 5, Wrecker 1

Indenture 1, Singularity Seeker 1, Botjammer 5, Scavenger 1

Reinstantiated Civilian Casualty 1, Lunar 1, Investigator 5, Hacker 1

So I am hoping that makes a rounded group/team of four, for ad-hoc/flexible and specialized law enforcement on Mars. Kind of inspired by Ghost in the Shell's Public Security Section 9 obviously.

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As a tangent to this, what

As a tangent to this, what point value would you guys apply to veteran Sentinels or Proxies?

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Erasure squad: 1200 CP of

Erasure squad: 1200 CP of warfare experience and tricked out morphs with gear. 1400 CP total
Veteran infiltrator: 1000 CP of social cunning and deviousness. 200 aditional CP of knowledge skills required to pass for people they are imitating.
Proxy: 900 to 1300 CP. Profession: Conspiracy Member 95.


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Yeah, I think the big thing

Yeah, I think the big thing that makes a Proxy is the right knowledge skills like cryptography and tradecraft sort of stuff, real stellar Networking skills (like nearly all of them), as well as a high i-rep (and most likely a lot of high rep covery identities).

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For a OneShot, don't sweat it too hard.

I'd actually suggest keeping the 1k target regardless, but alter or restrict how they're used.
No morphs/gear above X credits, maximum Y items of cost Expensive or higher, extra Knowledge skills, that sort of thing.
Another idea would be to earmark some of the CP to represent their issued gear, vehicles or aid from professionals.

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A mid-career Martian ranger

A mid-career Martian ranger probably has about the same competence level as a sentinel. If they're not a slacker, that is.

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Equipment matters a lot. You

Equipment matters a lot. You don't really need to adjust starting CP values; just decide ahead of time what gear and morphs are available for your players. The players are much less likely to feel attached to their gear (morphs included) if they don't spend chargen points on them.

Plus, remember that most EP characters are transhumans who survived the worst cataclysm since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Odds are good that even totally "mundane" folks probably have had to learn to improvise, adapt, and adjust, and picked up skills beyond the usual expectations of life in a civilized society.

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