Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Pack

This four-panel landscape gamemaster screen is made of sturdy cardboard stock and features all of the tables an Eclipse Phase gamemaster needs in one place for handy reference. The booklet features a complete starting adventure ("Glory") where a group of Firewall agents investigate a missing comrade.

The PDFs of these two components are available separately or as a bundle. Additionally, we offer a Hack Pack version of the GM Screen, which includes the InDesign files (Compatible with CS3, CS4, and probably CS2) for the Tables side of the GM Screen. These tables use GPLed fonts and the screen itself is Creative Commons-licensed, so you can edit and distribute your modifications non-commercially!

Nominated for the 2011 ENnie Awards for Best Aid/Accessory!

Product Details
Release Date: 
August 18, 2010
4-Panel Hardback GM Screen + 24-page Full-Color Booklet
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