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Sol Trader

Saw this comment from the creator, made me think a little bit of EP:

Certain people in the future have a slightly warped view of humanity that could possibly be described as a thirst for trandesence, or perhaps as secular Gnosticism.

It is a space trading / combat game, but the focus is on relationships. There is something of an informal reputation economy to it. You don't build up @-rep or anything, but your reputation with a person or group makes them more willing to do favors for you,

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Secular Gnosticism, eh?

Secular Gnosticism, eh?

I feel that tremendously ~ even more than Transhuman Space (which included?? amongst its "common memes in transhuman society" section), I feel Eclipse Phase's setting lends itself to Gnostic perspectives. After all, in EP people are by default and essence information (or, from a common Gnostic metaphor and a very literal computing reality, light), only entering the heavy world of meat and metal when and how they choose. Might transhumanity be able to consider itself the aeons? Who is the Demiurge? Sophia? Barbelo? Can any given transhuman claim such status?

Sidebar: there are numerous occult, ecological, and queer perspectives that focus on the world as in a constant and inherent process of change and Becoming. Hell, Lord Whitehead even brought a similar perspective into relatively mainstream theology!

I've also started writing out an idea for the Titanian Cyberdemognostic Party, cuz "Plurality"and "Pleroma" conceptually rhyme in my head . . . .