Synthmorph battery life?

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Synthmorph battery life?

Does it say anywhere in the rules what power systems synthmorphs (as well as cybernetic implants, and the cybernetic parts of pod morphs) use and how long they last?

It may not matter for typical adventures -- even if they use similar batteries to gear, 100-500 hours between charge times is fine. But what about when someone's stranded on an exoplanet or the martian outback for a long time or something? And of course, even if it doesn't tend to come up for PCs, it affects NPCs in plotlines like investigating a station that went dark during the Fall.

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I don't recall them ever

I don't recall them ever saying how long synthmorph battery life lasts. It would probably vary per synthmorph type, so a single number wouldn't work for all. I would rule that a synthmorph can last a week or something unless you are trying to burn energy.

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1st edition has the nuke

1st edition has the nuke packs (or nuclear battery) in the gear section of Gatecrashing, I think, and it states it has enough bettery life for X time (even for biomorphs, if I'm recalling it right).

I think it is assumed that you will get access to some sort of recharging, the same way it is assumed biomorphs get access to regular meals, thus they "other option" got listed on Gatecrashing (where you can find yourself without access to such commodities).