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Welcome & Introductions

I went ahead & created a forum for those who'd like to discuss the forthcoming Eclipse Phase/Fate conversion guide.

Please use this forum for all Fate-specific discussion. In particular, we'd like to keep discussions about rules & systems to this forum.

Announcements regarding things like release dates for the Fate conversion guide will appear over in the News & Events forum.

And if you're a Fate fan coming to check out our setting for the first time: welcome! We're happy as a swarm of skin-eating nanobots in a bodysculpting shop to be sharing our world with you.

J A C K   G R A H A M :: Hooray for Earth!
  http://eclipsephase.com :: twitter @jackgraham @faketsr :: Google+Jack Graham

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First question: How is the progress on the conversion guide?

I darn curious on this project. :D

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Also curious about whether we have a ballpark release date for this?

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Curous about the Fate

Curous about the Fate conversion Release as well. (since Fate conversion will be seriously interesting with such a large game to fit into a 'very free form package'.

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I'm a Fate human

Hi! I'm Ryan, I do Fate stuff, and I'm the guy on the conversion guide.

Songtress: we've been doing Fate for years in large games. Dresden Files is certainly the largest, and EP won't hit that scale (and not only because doing a 750-page book is madness).

Ryan Macklin
ryanmacklin.com | @RyanMacklin

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Welcome Ryan, I for one can

Welcome Ryan, I for one can not wait to see what you do with EP and Fate.

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Really excited about it too :

Really excited about it too :)

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Same here !

Same here !

Gnothi_Sauton Gnothi_Sauton's picture

.. Ryan! I feel that you are the man for the job. I have figured many times over how to convert things to Fate and failed so I don't envy you one bit. You have, on the other hand, the skills required.

I have already preordered a copy and wish you the best in this delicate task!

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Hey Ryan, I was a huge fan of

Hey Ryan, I was a huge fan of your work on Mythender, so I'm very excited to see your rules-light interpretation of the Eclipse Phase setting.

Transhumans will one day be the Luddites of the posthuman age.

Help me get my gaming fix, if you want.

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What format will the conversion guide have?

Will it be published as a physical book, or will it be PDF only?
Here's hoping for a physical book! :-)

/David Bergkvist, Göteborg, Sweden

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*Ranxerox shows his age and general geekiness by putting his hand into the air, waving it wildly and saying in a Horshack voice, "I have a question, Mr. Kotter."*

Is the conversion guide to be a standalone role-playing book that can be enriched by reading main system Eclipse Phase books, or is it to be written with the assumption that GM has at the very least read the EP core rulebook.

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Whats the difference between

Whats the difference between the one on the website, and the one on google docs? Different authous? Are they same rules?

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Excited to see a conversion in the works!

It was not long ago that I stumbled across the FATE Core system while trying to find a quick game for me to run when my groups regular DM needed a break. I liked the system well enough but wanted a premade setting for it, that is when I found The Void Core Quick Start. I loved this game and one of the other players is really wanting to play it at least once (I do too, just waiting on the DM burnout to rear its ugly head once more and we'll be hitting the quick start).

As exciting as The Void is, the setting is more geared to short campaigns (perfect for our current needs), it is just that survival horror can get a little stale if one plays it too often. This train of thought led me to checking out Eclipse Phase. Damned if I don't love the setting! Honestly, this is the first "hard science" setting that does not place me into a coma. So, good job to everybody involved, kudos and cyber-cookies for everybody!

The unfortunate thing about Eclipse Phase is the current d100 system. Even though I have not encountered a d100 game before, the other players have and none of them are in a hurry to play another. I will take their word at face value since our tastes are pretty similar. That is why I am excited to see that a conversion is in the works, the quick play of FATE/The Void meshed with the setting of Eclipse Phase... mmmmmmm... looking forward to it!

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Ranxerox wrote:Is the

Ranxerox wrote:
Is the conversion guide to be a standalone role-playing book that can be enriched by reading main system Eclipse Phase books, or is it to be written with the assumption that GM has at the very least read the EP core rulebook.

Yikes, for some reason this simple question didn't get answered! Our Fate title will be a companion to both Fate Core and Eclipse Phase; it won't fully replace either book. (How much you need Fate Core and Eclipse Phase at the table will probably depend on your role in the game and your gaming group -- everyone at the table won't need their own copy of all three titles, obviously. )

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Thanks Adam

appreciate the answer.