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Æsir Industries

Æsir Industries would like to present its wares for purchase* at a nominal credit price. Our designers are working night and day to produce anything and everything you might need for your personal use in self defense, transportation and even every day use. Following is a list of every item currently for sale from Æsir Industries including our corporate and independent entity services.

*Most sales are blueprints. All sales are final.

Household & Everyday needs:

Holographic Infomorph Interaction Device (HIID[Pronounced Höd])
This handy little globe approximately five inches in diameter is covered in optical projection lenses in order to produce a living life sized hologram of any infomorph who cares to link into the built in puppet sock. It utilizes a combination of magnetic and micro rotor related propulsion to keep itself aloft as it produces an almost lifelike visage of the user, or any image the user cares to project. The only limiting factor is imagination with what you can project for others to view as you move about geographically and interact socially with biomorphs across any given station. It is a cheap and relatively efficient method of interaction when on a station besides your home or for any infomorph who desires to take a walk about the station just for kicks.

Cost: [moderate] 1000-1500 Credits

[Game Effects: Micro bots attached give the user the ability to “see” but the HIID cannot interact directly with anything physical excepting by remote access through internal communications. Interactions with others suffer from the Uncanny Valley trait due to random disruptions of projection.]

Æsir Ind. Artificial Gravity
While not truly artificial gravity this is a magnetic system laced into your smart cloths that allows for a similar feel. The magnetic system combined with lacing added to the floor allows for a microgravity environment to have a marginally gravitational feel and allows for semi standard environment to act in. This system is best used by entire facilities or environments, for the ease of all entities on station.

Cost: Individual smartclothes [Low] 250 Credits, Flooring [Moderate] 1,250 Credits (Can be purchased through our facilities by the yard for [low] 100 Credits / yard)

[Allows movement as though the environment had whatever gravity level it is set at (standard 1 gravity) up to a maximum of three gravities worth of resistance.]
Self Defense: (All Æsir Ind. weapons of portable design can maglock to armor or come with a holster that can maglock for ease of use.)

Æsir Ind. Tyrfing Personal Defense Rifle (PDR-035A).
This weapon is an assault style rifle that can be cut down to carbine lengths. It utilizes a dual purpose firing mechanism of a standard Kinetic Kill (KK) round assembly, with built in rails for magnetic acceleration, and an additional under slung Plasma Bolter (PB). The system comes equipped with dual magazine slots, one for the ammunition for the KK weapon the second is located behind the grip in the stock and it contains a larger nuclear battery allowing approximately 200 shots before full depletion. The PB utilizes approximately 10 shots worth of magnetic acceleration power for each shot fired. System comes standard with smartlink, gyro stabilizers, and shock safety. Issued with a single magazine of each battery and ammunition, comes standard with extended magazine and smart magazine adjustments.
Note: The PB can be replaced by an under barrel seeker for no extra charge, or both can be left off for a reduction in price.

Price: [Extreme(High)] 10,000 Credits (8,000 with out under barrel)

[KK: AP -3, DV 2d10 + 12, Average DV 23, Firing Modes (SA,BF), ammo 35 (standard issue magazine)/// PB: AP – 8, DV 2D10 + 10, Average DV 23, Firing Modes (SA), Ammo Variable/// Seeker Under Barrel: See Core Book Weapons Section]

Æsir Ind. Gram (Generally Reconstruct-Able and Modular) Weapons System
This is actually a full theater weapon, a re-constructible and fully modular weapons system that has four primary modes of use. Its standard form is that of a SMG level sidearm utilizing SMG ammunition, but with a simple and easy receiver and barrel swap it becomes a Carbine of an Automatic Rifle with three modular barrel extensions allowing it to become a full Automatic Rifle or even a Sniper system. Combine this with a fore-grip, bipod, Targeting system, tactical light, scope or any number of other tactical adjusters to customize your personal weapon to your own style. All forms are Bullpup setup for maximum barrel length in any format.

Cost: [Extreme] 12,000 Credits

[As standard Variant used from core book. Carbine advantage is shorter barrel length for use inside habitats reduces Range from Automatic Rifle to SMG, gains SMG maneuverability indoors at Automatic Rifle Damages. (Treat as SMG with Automatic Rifle Armor Penetration, Damage and Magazine Size. Utilizes One or Two hands depending on stability required.) Extra, standard, parts come in a small kit that can maglock to armor allowing for field adjustments as needed.]

Æsir Ind. Mjölnir Personal Defense Pistol (PDP-94F).
This is a first line of defense for the end of the battle pistol, a heavy pistol in a compact package. This is a weapon for the entity who wants it to be known that they are not to be fucked with. Modeled vaguely after turn of the last century wheel guns this is a revolver that would make any enemy seeking your life think twice about being in front of it. This particular package comes with a larger than average KK round meant to transfer as much kinetic energy into the target as possible, after it penetrates the targets defenses. For this you give up on some advantages of most modern Heavy Pistols but gain an advantage in striking power. On the up side you can also fit micromissiles as a standard feature. On the down side you are restricted to six shots per load and reloading can be slower than ideal. Hence the reason this package utilizes a magnum caliber round. Guaranteed to make anyone you hit with it think twice about continuing their unwarranted aggression. An added benefit of this weapon is that its size and weight make it ideal for striking an opponent directly with little to no damage to the weapon itself due to the reinforcing bar melded under the spine of the barrel.

Price:[Moderate] 1,400 Credits

[KK: AP -6, DV 1D10 +14, Average DV 19, Firing Mode (SA), Ammo 6/// Seeker: As core book weapons section.]

Æsir Ind. Fenrir (Fast Environmental Neutralization and Riot Incapacitation or Removal)
This is a beast of a weapon. It has a ten-barrel assembly in a rotary design with a mag-rail central and upper spine to assure heightened velocity. Someone bulky in design, typically meant to be mounted as a position defense weapon, and this beast can be wielded by a sufficiently motivated and augmented individual directly in combat. To utilize this weapon you must first begin the barrel rotation before you can fire, due to this it only fires fully automatic. Thanks to built in smartmag technology and magnetic acceleration combined with caseless ammunition this weapon uses an external magazine that combines a nuclear power pack and a liquid ammunition reservoir that connects via a cable and hose assembly from the cumbersome storage pack. The storage pack can be mounted as a backpack or simply settled next to any heavy mount you apply the weapon to. It utilizes a liquid based ammunition in which the components for any ammunition type you could desire are suspended in a propellant liquid and fed into the mechanism where they are converted to standard rounds or any ammunition type you have blueprints for and fed into the last barrel in line. The propellant is then shunt to the firing chamber in and used to fire the next shot. Standard magazine size is 500 rounds, mounted position magazine size 1,500 rounds. Magazine blueprints sold separately.

Cost: [Extreme] 25,000 Credits (weapon), [High] 7,000 Credits (Portable Magazine), [Extreme] 13,000 Credits (Mounted Magazine)

[Acts as a Machine Gun from Core Book, Uses Liquid Ammunition as described here. Additionally: Shots on Fully Automatic allow for up to Four targets and a + 40 or a +3D10+10 but use up 25 rounds.]

Æsir Ind. Gungnir Antimaterial Rifle
This rifle was termed by the testing team as “The Boomstick” due to the fact that it releases its ammunition at almost twice the standard Railgun systems velocity. Enough that the target is often times physically moved along the path of the shell after it passes through the target and continues on the other side. That’s right this weapons system is designed to be able to punch through armor and directly into vital mechanical systems. This tends to transfer the velocity into solid targets or simply pass through soft targets. This combined with the shockwave that the round drags behind it in atmospheric conditions above .5 earth standard will guarantee a forceful area of effect in which anything smaller or lighter will be thrown around. This weapon is designed for the haulting or crippling of aggressor vehicles and synthmorphs. Use on soft targets is not recommended. Can be scaled up to be used in place of the Tyrfing Gatling system on the VGF-23. This system utilizes more rails than a normal, instead of the standard two or four congruent rails there are three sets of four that fire in a sequence designed for maximum acceleration. The rails also extend at a seventy five degree angle to the extended 1.3 meter barrel when firing in order to facilitate maximum velocity.

Cost: [Extreme] 25,000 Credits

[AP – 20 (-30), DV 2d10 + 18 (3d10 + 24), Average DV 30 (40), Firing Modes SS, Ammo 5 round internal clip, utilizes a nuclear power cell as beam weapons(built into the stock) and uses 20 energy per shot(of the 200 basic for a nuclear battery). (20 Round vertical receiver (p90 style) magazine is available for the enlarged variant for the VGF-23 and the internal power plant of the fighter can be used for the energy source.), Must have SOM 20 to fire from a braced position, must have SOM 40 or pass a SOM + strength modifier test in order to fire from the hip. Weapon uses knockdown/knockback rules for melee combat on every direct hit in atmosphere and halve the effect on everything with two meters of the projectiles flight path before or as it strikes a target. Seriously folks, things traveling that fast in atmosphere pull a lot of sonic boom after it, enough to pick a man up and throw him a few feet through the air even if he’s narrowly missed.]

Æsir Ind. Liquid Ammo.
That’s right, we’re talking liquid ammo. It’s a caseless ammunition type in which all the parts you need to make a full magazine of any type of ammunition you could want is suspended in a liquid ignition solution. This combined with our special magazine allows you to hold up to twenty five percent more ammunition per magazine and still have the built in smart magazine option, which comes standard. For an additional fee you will receive the ability to program the magazine with a selection of grenade types so that if you run out of slugs but still have plenty of explosives in the magazine you can convert it into an impromptu grenade.

Cost: [high] 7,500 credits, Additional improvised grenade option [Low] 500 Credits

[An extended magazine with the smart magazine ability. Allows for Concussion, Frag, Gas/smoke, High-Explosive, HEAP or Plasmaburst grenade blueprint additions. Operates as such so long as NO explosive rounds have been fired. If any explosive rounds have been fired halve the damage. If more than half the clip has been expended on explosive rounds this magazine cannot be used as a grenade.]

Æsir Ind. Berserker Ammunition.
This ammunition was developed primarily for use with the Mjölnir Personal Defense Pistol. It’s a much larger and heavier round than most standard use Kinetic rounds. Gungnir was originally developed to be interchangeable with micromissiles and so with a minor adjustment to the weapon can be used with any micromissile system. This round is of a type that was once considered a Magnum round, meaning it is larger around and longer than your standard pistol round, any weapon barring one already fitted to the size (Mjölnir Personal Defense Pistol or a micromissile system) it reduces the magazine size and increases the weight.

Credits: [Moderate] 1,200

[Magazine size -1/3 total unless stated otherwise, weight + 12 grams when loaded/// AP Mod -2, DV Mod +6]

Æsir Ind. Dragur Ammunition
Named after mythical Norse undead or ghosts this round is a tungsten carbide sabot that is designed with a built in Accushot and homing features t his is a slim-line needle of tungsten carbide with three small fins for steering that is encased in an iron lined plastic sabot used to accelerate the device to between eleven and twelve times the speed of sound. Often times this round can achieve target ten full seconds before the sound wave catches up with it. This is best for shoot and scoot tactics when defending your territory from extreme range. This ammunition type is only useable in Railguns. Can be sized for Gungnir antimaterial rifles.

Credits: [moderate] 1,300

[AP -10 (Gungnir -5), DV -10(Gungnir -10)]

Æsir Ind. Gleipnir Shock Net.
This is a number of inch diameter sphere’s, each containing a capacitor, that can be rolled into the path of an aggressor or strategically placed in ambush around the entry way to your domicile that when triggered release an electric shock much like Eelware or a shock baton. Inconveniencing at worst, incapacitating at best this device allows for optimal defense and time to prepare for the next charge. Comes in a puck style short cylinder that can be opened for placement or set in grenade and proximity mine formats.

Cost: [Moderate] 1000 Credits

[See shock baton in core book for 10 spheres worth of damage/stun.]

Æsir Ind. Variable Setting Grenade
This is the most simple and elegant design by our weapons team. This grenade type comes only in standard size. The Variable Setting Grenade has a selector switch allowing for time delay, sticky and/or proximity settings. Above and beyond these settings it allows the user to choose the explosion type by utilizing a small single shot nano-swarm within the device it can restructure the format of the grenade from one form to another. Selectable modes; Concussion, Frag, Gas/smoke, High-Explosive, HEAP or Plasmaburst. Beyond the standard types of explosives this grenade allows for one final and unique mode of damage dealing, this is the directional explosive. Instead of the standard thickness shell it moves a portion of the interior shrapnel material to one side, hardening the opposite as it thins, and forms it into small ball bearings under a thin shell for containment. This effectively creates a shaped charge or directional antipersonnel capability.

Cost: [High] 8,000

[Claymore variant: AP -6, DV 3d10 +4, Average DV 22, Armor VS. Kinetic (Acts as a shaped charge VS obstacles if front toward obstacle. Single directional explosion excepting backblast at AP -1, DV 1d10 +2, average DV 5, Armor vs. Kinetic, radius 1 meter.) /// All others as listed in Core Book.]

Æsir Ind. “Fog of War” Grenade
The “Fog of War” grenade is designed to completely cut everyone in its radius off from everything possible. Containing smoke for; anti thermal, optical, ultra violet and Lidar sensors, as well as micro chaff to defeat Radar, and T-ray emitters. Top the whole thing off with a radio jammer with a micro EMP to disable spy bots and the “Fog of War” virtually renders everything in its five meter radius completely def, blind and dumb. Nothing short of Quantum communications can pierce through this grenades obfuscation. For the ultimate in area denial and obfuscation accept no other.

Cost: [High] 10,000 Credits

[Does as published, for five meters. Outside of that it’s area dissipates, the chaff and jammer are too spread out or weak and the smoke is too thin to function properly. Anyone caught in the area of denial must make a Will X 2 or be stunned for every Mof +10 starting at one round for failing. Anyone experienced in the use only retains one round of stun if failing the check.]

Æsir Ind. Tyrfing Gatling system
Typically used with the Æsir Ind. Skíðblaðnir Variable Geometric Fighter this system can be mounted on any vehicle or utilized by Hardened Exoskeletons. Similar to the Æsir Ind. Fenrir this weapons system has three rotating barrels around a spine and upper railgun system. Unlike the Fenrir this system is significantly larger in ammunition size. The magazine for this weapon consists of only the liquid ammunition concoction and is mounted above the spine of the weapon above the giant grip and stock assembly allowing only two hundred shots before it needs to be replaced. The construction of this weapon allows it to fold neatly into the Skíðblaðnir vehicle system. The grip for the system is sized for the Skíðblaðnir but folds neatly into the stock when stored or attached to any vehicle, only extending when utilized by the anthropomorphic variant of the VGF-23’s variable design.

Cost: [Extreme+] 50,000 Credits

[Acts as a Machine Gun from Core Book With an additional AV – 3, DV 1d10+8, Average DV increase 13. Uses Liquid Ammunition as described here. Base damage is increased by AV – 7, DV 3d10+10 and average DV increased by 23 if sized for Mecha. Magazine is a top load (P90 style again) 100 round box magazine. The rifle draws its power from connectors in the grip that link to power sockets on the fingers or mount position of vehicle it’s mounted on. Regardless of size this weapon must be mounted.]

Æsir Ind. Active Defensive Shield System (ADSS)
This system consists of a cloud of nanites surrounding the individual, which consists of two layers. The first is a layer of sensor nanites that do nothing more than detect incoming kinetic weapons fire. The second is a loosely floating spherical shell of hexagonal panels when kinetic fire is detected the entire system hardens, dispersing the kinetic force across the entire sphere. This also defends against some heat energy and diffuses some light allowing a minimal additional defense against beam weaponry.

Cost: [High] 6,000 Credits

[Armor: +7/+2]

Æsir Ind. Valkyrie Biomorph
One of the few items offered by Æsir Ind. that is strictly purchased as a manufactured unit. These morphs are designed to look and feel like Valkyrie of legend. Maiden warriors built for both pleasing looks and increased damage potential. A must for any solid security conscious individual. Based in Nordic stock, these tall (ranging from 1.9-2 meters) busty beauties are a modification of the common Fury biomorph and come standard with a number of enhancements. Not a heavy set individual but heavily muscled with the option of wide hips for a broader hinge point and lower center of gravity. These biomorphs are also outfitted for infantry combat situations.

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Clean Metabolisms, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Vision, Smell, Hearing, Nurachem (level 1), Toxin Filters, Adrenal Boost, Circadian Regulation, Eelware, Enhanced Respiration, Muscle Augmentation, Temp Tolerance, Vac Seal, Anti-Glare, Multi-Tasking, Hardened Skeleton, reflex Boosters, Medichines, Nanophages, Respirocytes, Skinlink, Limber, Pain tolerance (1), Rapid Healer, Striking Looks (1), Tough (2) Oracles
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Speed Modifier: +2 (neurachem, reflex boosters)
Durability: 70
Wound Threshold: 12
Advantages: +5 COO, +15 REF, +20 SOM, +5 WIL
Cost: [115 CP] [Extreme+1] 130,000 Credits

Æsir Ind. Skíðblaðnir (Sciablanir) Variable Geometric Fighter VGF-23
The maker of this particular vehicle thought to himself “What if I combine an exoskeleton and a jet and make it transformable?” This is what he got. A single or dual passenger fighter jet that can transform into a 7.5 meter robot in a matter of seconds. Not exactly practical but it has flair. Popularly used in the primary asteroid belt by hot-doggers and rich people with a need for speed and a penchant for hide and seek. This one to two man personal aircraft can reach up to speeds of mach nine in earth standard atmosphere or point zero two lightspeed (.02c) in deep space. They use a metallic hydrogen rocket system with enough fuel space to accommodate up to five hours of flight time. There is an additional streamlined fuel tank addition available to up the flight time by twenty hours per, limit two.

[Armor: 50/50, Durability 240, Handling +30 (Pilot Fighter), Weapons 1 Tyrfing Gatling system, 2 Point defense Lasers, 2 Railgun rifle point defense (split one top one bottom both for point defense, they work as listed for handheld weapons), 6 seeker rocket launchers (6 seekers or 6 groupings of seeker minimissiles as per seeker rifles). Thrust vector, Walker, Magnetic propulsion systems. Shape Adjusting. 360 vision, LIDAR and RADAR.]

Æsir Ind. Sleipnir Destroyer
This is a military grade destroyer. Built along a spine composed of a single massive antimatter rocket channel. In addition to the standard compliment that most destroyers carry the Sleipnir also contains room for a full platoon of marines as well as Single Use Individual Assault Pods (SUIAP) which can be used for ship to ship, ship to station or ship to shore assaults by the entire platoon or as necessary. The Sleipnir also houses a pair of Magnetic Acceleration Cannons along its spine allowing it to “Crowbar” targets from orbit for a Kinetic Delivery or allow pinpoint delivery of specialized munitions as desired.

[This, per book indication, is for setting or troop transport/orbital support only.]

Æsir Ind. Single Use Individual Assault Pod (SUIAP)
This is a hexagonal shaped coffin with enough room for a single armored trooper to be launched like a ballistic missile from a ship. Each unit allows for the armored trooper to be strapped in for acceleration. Each unit retains a point defense weapon on the “top” of the structure varying between twin linked Seeker Rifles or Machine Guns (can be Railgun capable). The “Bottom” of each retains a single canister of either disassembling nanos or Gel nanos, the dissasemblers latch the unit to the side of an enemy construct where it eats through the shell and allows vertical access to the enemy construct, the Gel disperses under the unit a moment before impact cushioning the impact before dissolving. If the unit connects with a construct and eats it way through the hull it seals the hole around the unit and the core of the unit descends into the construct before dispensing the soldier. Each pod is approximately 3.5 meters upon launch.

[Again this is mostly for setting so it should not be sold to players.]


Æsir Ind. Security Services are offered with a full package of armed and armored Valkyries as well as air support and Troop transports as needed. This is the next big PMC to be introduced to Transhumanity.

Cost: [Expensive] 25,000 for an individual fire team per day. (Fire teams consist of 4 operatives; one heavy, one forward, one sharp shooter and one demolitions expert.) Or 10,000 per day for an “On Call” team. [Expensive +] 100,000 for introductory Air Support for a single objective, per day. (An additional 50,000 for an additional objective) 110,000 for a package deal on one objective or 5,000 for an individual defensive unit with bodyguard specialization per day. Only available within a two hour radius of any local office.
(Note: This includes transport to and from target for each fire team but not individual units.)

Æsir Ind. Transportation offers a full biomorph transportation package as well as courier services.

Cost: [Moderate] 1,250 / AU traveled for active biomorph, 550 / AU for 1 ton inactive material or biomorph.

Contracting services available for construction of larger blueprints available at a 25% markup. Including shipyard facilities.


Æsir Industries is located within the Main Belt at its corporate headquarters on The Hive station north polar region.

[I'll update as play-tests dictate. I would like to get responses on if people think that something here is too powerful, not powerful enough or is simply wrong. (doesn't necessarily mean I'll change it, but if you make sense then I'm obliged to do so.) In the name of realism these items can be changed. Thanks for any help anybody decides to pitch in.]

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