20 October 2011 - ContactCon in New York City.

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20 October 2011 - ContactCon in New York City.

The Contact Summit (colloquially referred to as ContactCon) will be an unconference held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in downtown New York City on 20 October 2011. The goal of this un-conference is to bring together people who are developing the next-generation communication technologies which have come to characterise life in the twenty-first century. Presentation and workshop sessions will be convened by the attendees to show off their projects (and hopefully find collaborators) as well as to demonstrate advances in social communication technologies.

ObEclipse Phase: The following things likely to be of interest to Eclipse Phase players will be demonstrated at ContactCon: Social currencies, ad-hoc project pseudo- and dis-organization strategies, digital economic ecosystems, online collaboration and outreach, practical mesh networking, hackerspaces, next-generation entrepreneurship, massively distributed and censorship-resistent communication and publishing technologies.

ObDisclaimer: I am one of the engineers working on the mesh networking project and will be presenting on at least two topics. I hope to see you there!