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2n edition lore differences

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2n edition lore differences
I have yet to download my 2e core. Anyone here reading through the lore chapters and sees any changes from first edition? Maybe there is even a chance for official changelog?
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Big changes I've seen so far
Big changes I've seen so far (I'm about 140 pages in) mostly have to do with the exsurgent virus being much more common knowledge.
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SquireNed wrote:Big changes I
SquireNed wrote:
Big changes I've seen so far (I'm about 140 pages in) mostly have to do with the exsurgent virus being much more common knowledge.
Hi! Care to elaborate a little more? I mean, more or less the level and detail, since it's not the same thing if only key personnel in organizations knows about it, if only a few know how to mitigate its assaults, or if everyone knows it exists and can hack you in a moment without you noticing anything... That last possibility points to a lot more isolated survivalists, I think, than in 1st Ed.
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The way it appears to me is
The way it appears to me is this: You have a lot more people who know about the exsurgent virus, and the ratio of people who know there's something nasty out there to people who actually understand it is about the same.
"Page 18" wrote:
95% of the population was lost during this apocalyptic conflict, many of them forcibly uploaded by the TITAN machine gods before they disappeared. Thousands more were corrupted and transformed by an alien exsurgent virus.
So on one hand, it's more known, on the other it's more of a small fry thing in the grand context of the Fall. It's possible that the true extent is larger and most people just see it as a small phenomena worth mentioning because it might have something to do with the TITANs.
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Ah, I see. I find interesting
Ah, I see. I find interesting, however, that we went up from 90% of humanity to 95% in casualties... Maybe they adjusted for overpopulation?
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My absolute favorite is that
My absolute favorite is that there is no longer the weird idea of 'Poeple just don't generally have children". There is a section about children (other than The Lost) and the 'daycare' and such are all over the setting info, indicating that Transhumanity is naturally rebuilding (which makes it it's own problem since there are still people in cold storage :D)
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People are going to... people
People are going to... people- uhh repopulate. When crap like 95% of the their known species is dead, or taken. So yeah noticably- the millions(?) in cold storage will have to wait. Which is an interesting plot development. I mean having children in EP is simple, though keeping them alive, and grown to maturity is still difficult. But bodies take up space, and bodies were the reason that there are still million s in cold stoage. (That and hypercorp imposed debt.).
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Having children is not so
Having children is not so simple when your biomorph is a piece of manufactured property, and to the extent it's not sterile, you still can't afford to lease the rights to reproduce with it. If so, does the corp have a lien on the child's body?
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I've noticed quite a few
I've noticed quite a few changes, many of which I like. [list=1][*]Big one for me is the reconfiguration of the Ultimates. Instead of having the subfactions, the former Overhumanists have become the entirety of the faction, while a new offshoot faction called Shugyōsha now exists for those who identified with the Iconists or like the Ultimates' ascetic philosophies but not their fascist views. [*]Psi got quite a bit of changes. Watts-Macleod sub-strains exist, you cannot use psi while sleeved in a pod anymore, and morph fever is no longer a thing. [*]Eco-wave no longer exists. X-rep took their spot as the 7th rep network in the core book. [*]There is a greater amount of tension in the new setting. The old setting set 10 AF in a state of relative political stability. The new setting is more like a cold war, with tensions hot and conflict happening as late as the very year the game sets off in. [*]There is now a stigma around the use of basic needs nanofabrication in the inner system, so people who are just getting by on feedstock food and clothing are shunned as the poor are today, even if they don't look like the poor of today. [*]People in the inner system are no longer usually contracted to a single business all the time like they were in the first edition. The new edition explains that temp contracts that last perhaps a few hours exist to get wages, so it's likely common for people to switch jobs constantly. [*]Reproduction is now a thing that happens, and is pretty common. Biomods now have at-will contraceptives. [*]Adding to the last point, there is now a stigma about AGI having sex or being in biomorph bodies. [*]"Mercurial" is, in many ways, now treated similarly to how the word "trans" is today. In that it is both a broad label used to refer to AGIs and Uplifts and a political label for a movement focused on their civil rights. [*]While Sava, Berk and Pivo along with other characters have returned, their situations have changed somewhat.[/list] Also, much of the expanded flavor they added in later texts to existing factions has been better blended into the new setting. It feels less like an alteration to old text and more like it was already there. Thanks for the heads up on psi, branford. Clearly I haven't finished the book yet.
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Level 3 psi exists, except
Level 3 psi exists, except Theta shenanigans are reserved for exurgents. However, it's only 10 years since the Fall, who knows how the asyncs might yet "evolve."
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Shugyōsha sounds to me like
Shugyōsha sounds to me like the "Musha Shugyo" or "warrior's peregrination"... In Legend of the Five Rings it was a way to play a Ronin without being one (a Samurai with permission from his master to travel around and improve in the Way of the Warrior). In fact, Wikipedia describes a Shugyōsha as a Samurai who roams the land practicing and honoring his skills without protection from family or school... and are equated to occidental "errant knights"...
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The Mars space elevator is now on Pavonis Mons, not Olympus
This is an apparent change. And a logical one too, since Pavonis is located almost on the equator. It is not ecplicitly mentioned that there is no space elevator on Olympus though. I am considering going for having two competing space elevators on Mars in line with the increased tention in the setting: The Olympus Infrastructure Authority (OIA) is governed by the three largest settlements on Mars as described in Sunward, having quite different interests than the Pavonis Infrastructure Authority (PIA) which according to EP2 is a Planetary Consortium member. One elevator servering the major settlements, the other serving hypercorp values and profit fiercly competing and even sabotaging each other can lead to interesting scenarios.