3D Printable EP Minis

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3D Printable EP Minis

I use a low-end 3D printer to fire off miniatures for a lot of the tabletop games I run, but finding good matches for EP's zany morphs can be a chore. After a lot of futzing and fussing, I've started putting together a set of "silhouette miniatures" derived from the art in the Morph Recognition Guide.

They're flat silhouettes of every morph in the guide, properly scaled so they're diminutive or impressive as appropriate. If you print out a Neo Whale, it's going to take some *space* on the table.

The STL files are posted on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2541531 has Biomorphs, and links to collections for the other morph types).

The end result of all this? It's now pretty easy to print off a small pile of, say, Slitheroids and bouncers with a Fenrir for the big fight, pop them into some miniature bases, and get ready to rumble. The silhouette style makes it easy for even low-end 3D printers to spit them out quickly and cleanly.

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A quick updated: Printed off

A quick updated: Printed off a batch of them, and the results are nice.

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Shiny. Will use once I

Shiny. Will use once I finally get set up to print.