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Advice for ultra-basic "Futurama" intro character design?

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Advice for ultra-basic "Futurama" intro character design?
Hi, I'm getting ready to run my very first game of EP, and I'm going to take a slightly unusual approach. Since my players don't know anything about the game or the setting, I'm going to start them off with characters that don't, either. My plan is to have them be subjects/victims of a long-term pre-Fall cryogenic preservation project, before cortical stacks and uploading were invented. Unbeknownst to them, they were in an experiment group that was supposed to be kept frozen permanently, until they died or the equipment failed. Then technology moved on and cryogenics got phased out in favor of genefixing and resleeving. They were stuck in a lab basement and forgotten about. So, basically Futurama. They're going to wake up on post-Fall Earth, having been discovered by a Firewall agent looking for some old data. But he gets killed shortly after waking them up, leaving only an infomorph fork of himself behind, and needing them to be his hands and feet to complete the mission. What I'm looking for is advice on how to do the character design. They're going to be in flat morphs with no augmentation, but the main issue is that they won't really have any training in any of the skills in the game. I'm thinking of maybe just having them choose one of the standard Aptitude arrays, and then having them just roll their skills at that base whenever they have to make a check. Or maybe just giving them on-the-fly bonuses as needed. And I figure I'll give them tons of Moxie to play with. Does anyone have any ideas of other ways I could handle this? I don't really want the intro scenario to be nothing but failed rolls... I figure if they decide to continue with these characters, I can have Firewall train them and give them Skillsoft after they farcast off Earth, so we can do full character creation then with no problems.
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First idea that came to my
First idea that came to my mind would be to crib the sidebar from Gatecrashing, where a character showed up on the other side of a gate through means unknown in another person's body. Which would be a good way to also introduce a Terran gate, of course.
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well not all of the skills
well not all of the skills will be lacking. you can have them put ranks in interfacing since using tech should not have changed to dramatically that they should not need to take more than a -20
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Well, I'm thinking that
Well, I'm thinking that according to the standard EP timeline, they've probably been asleep at least 50-70 years, so I'm thinking that basic interfacing actually would be pretty different. I do plan on having them have to do a little Interfacing and Infosec in the course of the session, in order to introduce the concepts. I also plan on running a little low-risk combat as well, and a little stealth action too. I'm working on introducing the mechanics at the same time that I'm introducing the setting.
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There's no reason why skills
There's no reason why skills like Kinetic weapons, clubs, freerunning, etc should not translate just fine. I think write up standard characters for their ideas of what profession they were or whatever, and then halve skill ranks in any skill that has been completely revolutionized. And disallow completely new skills like psychosurgery.
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That sounds like a pretty
That sounds like a pretty good idea; thanks.
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Can the "out of date
Can the "out of date information" regarding the technology just be handled by a penalty? Then as they encounter modern tech, decrease the penalty? All of this talk of introducing Eclipse Phase via "awaken on earth" has inspired me, now I got to try it out.
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