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Aerobraking over Jupiter

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Aerobraking over Jupiter
Looked through the Jovian section of Rimward then followed up with some Wikipedia. Now, I'm no math/physics expert but the numbers offered up by Wikipedia sounds like any spacecraft that would try to aerobrake in the Jovian atmosphere would be cooked by the radiation even before they touch the air. So brings up even more questions: 1. How much shielding could a spacecraft practically carry to turn the aerobraking operation into something less risky. 1b. What would be ussed for shielding? Rock? Water? etc? 1c. Can a spacecraft generate its own magnetic field to deflect the radiation? 2. What is a minimum size/mass for such a spacecraft to carry all the above equipment? Assume it has meat crewmen. 3. Is there material that would be unaffected by the radiation? Inert materials? 3a. Like stay a container full of cortical stacks? 3b. Why did I ask question 3a? Players in my campaign please ignore it :-O
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Eclipse phase has whales that
Eclipse phase has whales that swim in the sun! They have ways to deal with Jupiter.
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Based on what I saw in the EP
Based on what I saw in the EP books you would need a reasonable amount of shielding. Mettle is probably the most effective but rock or water would work with a greater thickness. Generating your own magnetic field would help some but a goodly portion of the radiation will be EM and uncharged particles. Probably would reduce the amount of heavy shielding you would need. A modest size spaceship could have sufficient shielding, but probably not the little 2 and 4 man runabouts used between habitats in the same cluster. Note that not all medium and large spaceships will have the shielding, it is a special feature. Any complex technology can be affected by radiation. Although not as badly as organic tissue. A container of cortical stacks would have to be shielded to some extent if you want more than vapour when you access the stacks.
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How did the Pegasus do it?
I'm pretty sure you can do this with 2010 era space technology, and some inflatable bags. Arthur C Clarke wouldn't do me wrong like that.