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After the Fall - An EP Fiction Anthology

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After the Fall - An EP Fiction Anthology
Just saw this, and was a little surprised it hadn't been cross-posted to the forums yet, so I thought I'd do so. http://eclipsephase.com/after-fall-new-science-fiction-anthology-posthum... I'm very excited about this and will definitely be purchasing a copy the moment it comes out.
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oh, yeah
I didn't notice the post and I can't wait to buy the ebook.
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I'm really hoping this is the
I'm really hoping this is the beginning of EP branching out into non-rpg formats. I love the rpg books, but I'd be extremely excited to see comics. I'd drop my Star Wars subscription in a heartbeat (if I had to) to start collecting EP comics.
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NPC based on characters from the books?
Has anybody given stats to the characters from the book? I'd also love to know the name of that psycho-surgeon from the first story
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It's taken me this long to
It's taken me this long to get through, since my schedule is barbaric, but I've quite enjoyed it. I, too, hope to see more Eclipse Phase fiction. Would flip for a full-length novel, if it was well done.