Alien Setting Artwork

Crap, how did it get to be Friday already? I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on!

The last of the final artwork for the core rulebook is rolling in this weekend. There are some really excellent pieces, so let me show you this one from Leanne Buckley. It depicts some "gatecrashers" (transhumans who go exploring through the wormhole Pandora Gates) getting a little freaked out by some creepy alien ruins.

/sites/default/files/Iktomi Ruins.jpg
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Lovely! I like Buckley's
Lovely! I like Buckley's work, kind of like a "realistic manga" only not manga (at least that's the best way I can articulate it). Hope to see some more of her stuff in the future... Keep waiting for the biomechanical spider to jump out and grab them... there's gotta be a story behind why so many Pandora Gates drop you in the vicinity of alien ruins... it's gonna be interesting to find that out!
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No wonder if they are a bit
No wonder if they are a bit freaked out :) It's a nicely atmospheric piece of art. I just love a bit organic feeling of the ruins...
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Query: where did the art go?
Query: where did the art go? It appears that most of the art previews now lead to dead links.