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Alt CharGen Packs - Draft 2 - Playtest Q Responses Only

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Alt CharGen Packs - Draft 2 - Playtest Q Responses Only
Download Alternative Character Creation: Pack System - Draft 2
Updates to This Draft:
  • 5 PP Packages are now worth 500 CP
  • You now buy 10 PP worth of packs and spend an additional 1 PP on morph, gear, and customizations (gear and morphs were removed from the packs)
  • Most Focus packs now have Perception and Fray at 3 and 5 PP. The Essential Skills pack was downgraded to a Customization.
  • We added a lot of tables for randomly determining field skills, morph, sleights, traits, etc.

Q. 1 – Did you spot any typos or other errors?
We are now looking for typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and so on in this draft. If you see something, point it out! Also we re-did the math on a lot of the packs, but if you want to doublecheck it, please do!

Q. 2 –If you could tweak one pack, which would it be?
Is there a pack in which you think the skills don’t make sense? In which you would do the numbers differently? That you would add a trait too?

Q. 3 – If you could add one pack, what would it be?
We think we covered the bases pretty thoroughly, but if you think there’s a Focus or Customization missing (or even a Background or Faction), let us know and we’ll consider it.

Q. 4 – Anything else we need to fix?
Now’s the time to let us know :)

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Q.1 Typos or Errors
Q.1 Typos or Errors Aptitude Templates > Extrovert > "...when you can get convince others..." Aptitude Templates > Researcher > "...TITANS were little more than code, knowledge applied..." (should probably be a dash, not a comma) Choose Packages > "...If you try make a highly specialized..." Rep > "No character may start with a rep score more than 80 in any network." (probably "higher than")
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Q.1 Typos or Errors
Okay, proofread for typos on the first 20 pages, minus what polyinfomorphism already posted (good work!) - mostly minor stuff, like missing commas. Small glitch - in a couple instances, the file is showing a " " instead of a dash. no idea why, since it comes through when copy/pasted. I mostly changed those to other forms, in case the issue is unsolvable. pg 4; Extrovert: "Or brilliant" probably ought to be "Or be brilliant" - yes the verb is implied, but English generally doesn't take kindly to implied verbs from separate sentences. pg 5; Choose packages, 3rd p: "and two worth 2 PP." should probably be "and two worth 1 PP a piece." or something along those lines. It currently reads as if it were a 12 PP build. Also, nit-picky math error "The only restriction is that you may not purchase more than 6 packages that are only 1 PP in value. Any combination is allowed, as long as you have one Background package, 1 Faction package, at least 1 package worth 3 or 5 PP, and 10 PP of packages total." If you buy 6 1 PP packs, you can't have 10 PP in total. Functionally, a player must take a 5 PP, or two 3 PPs to fit these rules. Or did you mean "and no more than 10 PP of packages total." ? This also lists Essential Skills as a pack. http://eclipsephase.com/alt-chargen-packs-draft-2-playtest-q-responses-only says its a Customization. *shrug* pg 7; Background packages, "upbringing and earlier life, and possibly, the place they still consider home" is a little awkward - maybe "upbringing, earlier life, and, possibly, the place they still consider home" or "upbringing and early life; possibly even the place they still think of as home." Colonist: Flight Staff, "worked on or even piloted the" should be "worked on, or even piloted, the" pg 9; Colonist: Tech Staff has no description, except for it's list of Motivations Drifter, "on Earth and then in space where hands or" should be "on Earth, and then into space, where hands or" (yes, that first extra comma isn't strictly required); "some people but you" -> "some people, but you"; "things and" -> "things, and" (Again, not strictly required) pg 10; Earth Survivor, "Fall nor" -> "Fall, nor"; "from and even fighting the" -> "from, and even fighting, the"; "rescued, your body rescued" -> "rescued, your body recovered" (its generally considered a poor idea to re-use the same word twice in one sentence); "reclaimers or" -> "reclaimers, or" pg 11; Fall Evacuee: Underclass, "evacuated or" -> "evacuated, or" pg 15; Isolate: Survivalist, "off-world and they were right." -> "off-world. They were right." pg 16; Lost: Masked Normalcy, "intact or" -> "intact - or" pg 17; Re-instantiated: Civilian Casualty, "Luckily you" -> "Luckily, you"
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Typos/Errors: Page 43, the
Typos/Errors: Page 43, the number 1,000 got typed out as 1,00. There are also a number of grammatical mistakes. The most common mistake I found was the repeated use of an introductory dependent clause that was not split off from the main clause via a comma. I would be happy to edit the entire document for grammar, but I need a word version to make that process manageable. Everything else looks pretty great. I can't wait to see the equipment packages. I feel like this will finally make character creation manageable to my tastes!
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Questionaire Responses
Q. 1 – Did you spot any typos or other errors? Nothin' yet! Q. 2 –If you could tweak one pack, which would it be? I think the Mercurial pack should definitely be split in two. As is, it is just a handful of Interests and Networkings (not terribly interesting), some Medicine: Uplifts (not great for AGI mercurials), and then other skills which aren't too specific to the theme. I would split it into Mercurial: Infolife (with Interfacing and Infosec along with the other skills listed) and Mercurial: Uplift (with the Medicine skill and Interest (Uplift Clades) along with other stuff). Q. 3 – If you could add one pack, what would it be? I would include a Solarian faction pack (maybe a mixture of Isolate and Researcher?) for those crazies who started out on the Sun. If you can roll a surya or salamander morph at random, why not a Solarian? Q. 4 – Anything else we need to fix? It's been said before, but the random tables are the most universally valuable part of this system. The more complete and easy-to-use these are the better the whole thing becomes in my opinion.
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Gear Packs are now up for
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Page 50: Perception is listed under Social Skills. I believe it should be Persuasion.