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Augmenting Reality and Turks

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Augmenting Reality and Turks
So I've been reading this new book called "Metatropolis" which is a collection of pre-transhuman sci-fi short stories written by Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi (who is also the book's editor), and Karl Schroeder. In one of the stories they talk about people that are referred to as turks. A turk is someone that does odd jobs without knowing the full details of the job. Think much like, "a Mafia leader tells you to deliver this package to this address but doesn't tell you whats in the package." The give some very interesting ideas how to use a resource like a turk such as having one turk lay a brick down in the middle of the road, and then another turk laying another brick, and another, and another until you've had hundreds of turks lay enough brick to create a roadblock. The problem with turks is that because they're ill informed, purposely, capturing and interrogating them is completely useless. This works well for both the employer and the turk. Because if the turk is arrested he is so ill informated about his employer that security can't arrest the employer, and what the turk did wasn't actually illegal (so what if the package that was delivered had a bomb in it, the turk didn't put the bomb in the package they just delivered it). In another story they talk about people who are referred to as cyranoids (which originates from the play Cyrano de Bergerac). A cyranoid is a person that serves as a living avatar in an augmented reality game. The cyranoid receives commands from their user through AR glasses and an ear bud. The story also talks about a character name Fraction who uses an autistic man, who can perfectly imitate any action given, as his cyranoid (I presume that they have some sort of deal that benefits both parties, the story doesn't really go into detail about it). After reading these stories I did some research on the origin of turks, after I've never heard that word used with that definition. Surprisingly its not a completely original concept, though I didn't think it would be, but it probably refers to a machine called "The Turk" which is also known as "the Mechanical Turk" or "Automaton Chess Player". The Turk was a fake chess-playing machine where a human chess player would hide inside the machine and operate it. My idea; a group of unskilled people called Turks who use augmented reality to preform various jobs for unknown employers. In some cases they even aware that they are a Turk, thinking that they are merely playing an AR Game where they're a spy, or a member of a military squad, or a highly trained sniper/assassin, or...well you get the idea. This would be a serious nightmare for all the Factions.
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