Avilés (Spain) 18-22 July 2012: Celsius 232

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Avilés (Spain) 18-22 July 2012: Celsius 232

I just want to announce that, from July 18th to 22nd, the Celsius 232 event will take place on Avilés ( a city in Asturias, Spain). The blog can be seen at http://www.celsius232.es/ and the main event, while not mentioned there (yet), will be George R. R. Martin's presence. The theme of the event is Science Fiction, Fantasy and Terror.

In case you are wondering, Celsius 232 is a rough equivalent of Farenheit 451 (a book's burning temperature), also a work written by the recently departed Ray Bradbury.

I will be there from the 19th to 22nd (I doubt I would be able to survive the whole five days...) hosting some role-playing games (including at least one Eclipse Phase one) and helping with other board games. If by chance any of you happen to drop by, just ask for the "La Forja" or "Odisea Astur" stands and I will be easy to find, both as translator if needed or as a host. Hopefully, I will be able to play a game with my Saganami Island Tactical Simulator board game...

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Re: Avilés (Spain) 18-22 July 2012: Celsius 232

Can't go to Avilés on July. Shit. It's been too long since there has been any decent game con in Spain, and I'm going to miss this one. :(

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