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What do you mean a butterfly cause this ? How a butterfly can cause an enviromental system overload on the other side of a 10 000 egos habitat ?

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Fink U Freeky

Looks like it stars the members of Die Antwoord. Not sure if that is a good thing considering the history of musicians moving into acting. Yes, there have been some notable successes, but probably more cringe inducing performances.

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Smarmalade. I guess it can't be worse than that Spielberg robot Pinocchio monstrosity. Not for want of trying, by the looks of it.

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Neill Blomkamp

It's being done by the same guy that did both District 9 and Elysium, so there's about the range of quality to expect from this.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

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personally I think it will be

personally I think it will be a HER but CHAPPiE will die at the end saving the girl or something like that

or it will be an other Frankenstein that kill human but I'm tired of this one

What do you mean a butterfly cause this ? How a butterfly can cause an enviromental system overload on the other side of a 10 000 egos habitat ?

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I was about to start a thread on this

I saw the movie yesterday, and I just have to say that it was a lot of fun. Plenty of imagination inspiration for what may either be a Case, or Synthmorph equivalent in EP. Would you guys upload into the "CHAPPiE" droid if you could, IRL or in game?

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Saw it today

Eclipse Phase players will love the last 15 minutes to pieces, I think. Plus I was pleasantly surprised at how well Die Antwoord fit into the picture. I think if there is ever an Eclipse Phase movie property, one would do well to get Blomkamp to direct it.

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For most people the last

For most people the last parts of the movie will sound like a bad deus ex machina to avoid excesive drama(like Avatar when suddenly they forget everthing about artillery or the planet magically forms a coordinated beast army) but its the most EP thing that I have seen out of EP, in fact you extract that part of the movie and add it to any EP game and it would fit perfectly.

But the rest of the movie for me was, "meh!" but its not because its bad, in fact the movie has its moments. Its because I really dislike Neil Blomkamp style it feels too rushed, in fact I came to the cinema without knowing his director but then I saw the rythm the story was presented and that the movie was settle in Johannesburg in slums and I didn't even need to check wikipedia I knew it was the same director as district 9.

But at least I think that here he improved... a little, and I think that Im the only one with this problem but I generally like movies that at least don't feel too rushed(I really like cube or blade runner for example)