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Character Sheet June 8 (Custom form fillable version illustrating changes I'd make enclosed)

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Character Sheet June 8 (Custom form fillable version illustrating changes I'd make enclosed)
So, some quick notes on the character sheet, since there was a request for feedback but there's no forum thread yet: The sheet has some interesting things going on with line thickness. The lines for text are mostly .8 pt, but the outline boxes seem to alternate between .5 and 1 pt. There is some method to this madness, it seems, but not entirely coherent logic. The lines for skills are made using text, and mismatch the other lines that are done as shapes. Nobody would've noticed had I not been messing around with them. There's an issue with the alienation boxes on the first page being in the combat section, lodged in the melee section. The melee weapons have very little detail. That's fine, but the ranged weapons have way off distribution of blank space. I've altered this in my version. There's little vertical continuity in some places, which makes the sheet look very busy. There's very little space for character notes. A lot of the sheet is devoted to psi, which will be marginally useful to many players. The psi section also has a fair amount of white space. If it could be condensed (the sleights have plenty of horizontal use; maybe compress them and have all the strain effects in a single column?) it would make more room. Psi side-marker is shorter than it should be. The muse runs into what I assume to be a character notes section, which could confuse people. Without knowing more about muses I'm not sure how much use it can be, but their skills section looks weird. Morph section side-marker is shorter than it should be.
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Wasn't Profession rolled into
Wasn't Profession rolled into Know?
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A lot of the line thickness
A lot of the line thickness and other minor text size/case things are simply due to it being a playtest sheet that's gone through multiple internal revisions by different people, some of whom are more comfortable in Illustrator than InDesign. Don't get hung up on them. :) The final sheet will be recreated 100% from scratch to avoid those problems.
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Using this new edition sheet,
Using this new edition sheet, it's difficult to remember which pool to use during skill test. Every player I asked to test the rules, wrote near the Pool the linked Aptitudes and took note near Initiative, wound and stress. I don't know how this could be fixed, maybe using different colors for pool and related skill groups. I suggest to group the Aptitudes by Pool, even if Somatic and Savvy will not be in alphabetical order. In general, the sheet is well organized and there isn't much page turning during the game. Ciao
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