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Cincinnati LFG

Midwestern transplant looking for a great gaming group. I just got into Eclipse Phase Second edition and am a fairly new GM in general and totally new to running Eclipse Phase. Would love to join someone's game if it is already in the local area but also open to running a table. My wife and I are cheese fans, gamers extraordinaire, and have gigabytes of cat photos. I love community and look forward to joining the EP community.

I am seeking party members in the Cincinnati area. I would potentially go as far south as Lexington KY and as far north as Columbus OH depending on the circumstances. I love being at the table in person - I feel like something is lost if it's online.

I like narratives and emergent stories. I think it's important everyone in the group feels included. I appreciate EP's stand on feminism and politics. I am probably not going to get along with you if you are a birther (just saying).

I am flexible and appreciate many different kinds of games. I've enjoyed intrigue based campaigns as well as combat focused. If we start bringing out miniatures or rulers, then I am probably not in the right group. Whatever type of campaign it is - I believe the best groups talk to each other and set expectations about what they want and are willing to compromise.

Your general location.
Cincinnati, OH

When do you have time?
1 / Week ---- I work an 8-5 job.

Timezone is important too.
I am in the Eastern TZ.

A little bit of self-advertising
Why should a group allow you to join?
I bake sweets and will bring them on occasion, make terrible geek jokes, love getting into character, and enjoy storytelling.

As a conversation starter, one of my favorite stories: