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Confused About Gear

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Confused About Gear
I'm a little confused about the Transhumanity's FATE gear mechanics and how it mesh with how gear is supposed to work in the post-scarcity world of EP. So during character creation, you spend refresh to get yourself a desktop nanofabricator. Ignoring the whole blueprint side of things, what can or can't you create with it? In EP, pretty much anything you have the materials and blueprints for. In Transhumanity's FATE, some gear = stunts and cost refresh (I assume some gear doesn't since it isn't listed?). How does that work with a character that has a nanofabricator?
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You can nanofab whatever you
You can nanofab whatever you want, but if whatever you make would require a stunt, you have to take it as a gear stunt to actually get the benefit from it.
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