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Not exactly 'off-topic' as reputation networks are a huge part of eclipsephase.

Has anyone seen the new reputation network that is ? I am in on their private beta and at the moment it is hard to judge if it is going to be a success, but it has potential.

If anyone else is on there and would like to connect and trade roleplaying, gamer, eclipsehase, or similar vouches, then let me know it would be great to get a good strong roleplayer group in as part of their network which seems to currently be led just by social networking 'leaders'.

If you aren't on it and would like to join the private beta, then one way would be to follow me on twitter, I'll follow you back, and then you'll come up in my connections list and I'll vouch for you (hopefully you'll vouch me back). Feel free to prod/ping me on twitter (@roamingLT) to make sure I vouch for you.

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Re: reputation network

Thanks you for the post.