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Continuity - HomeBrew Audio Ideas

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Continuity - HomeBrew Audio Ideas
Hello, I am new to GM'ing EP and last weekend had a GREAT time running my first adventure, which was Continuity. As I was preparing to run it, I decided I wanted to make my own audio files to use throughout the adventure, so I re-created the Hans files using background (interference) noise and a voice synthesis page I found online here: https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ I used the voice "Selene" which has a UK accent. I renamed the AGI "Mother" (tip of the hat to Alien) instead of Hans. I added extra syllables to make it sound like she was really malfunctioning. The interference I took from this website: http://www.arrl.org/sounds-of-rfi Pick your favorite! I laid this over a klaxon that I had looping from https://freesound.org/people/ryansnook/packs/6643/ (I liked klaxon1distant.wav the best, and just kept it looping until the party was able to shut the airlock successfully. It really contributed well to creating an ambiance and sense of urgency!) I also kept Steve Roach's "Darkest Before Dawn" playing on continuous loop. The track is an hour long, and isn't too intrusive, so it also contributed to the ambiance greatly. Here's a 4 minute sample so you can get a feel for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9D4iwH2L-E&start_radio=1&list=RDN9D4iwH... I had to use the "mixer" in the volume control panel to set the volumes properly. Hope this is helpful! If anyone would like the audio files of Hans ("Mother") I'll include the link below: https://app.box.com/s/v5507fx9gi2ifus2xnh0pi3mdcz3d6gt Happy gaming, Jerry
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This is really neat, I really
This is really neat, I really appreciate you going into detail about what your process was for making the voice tracks! I'm feeling inspired to do something similar.
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VERY cool. Has a much colder,
VERY cool. Has a much colder, impersonal feel to it, IMO. I really like what you did. How'd the group enjoy it?