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Coordination Enhancements [1e]

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Coordination Enhancements [1e]
In the books there are no implants increasing COOrdination. Here are my homebrews: [b]Enhanced Prioperception[/b] [I]Bioware[/I] This nervous system modification greatly enhances morphs "deep senses" doubling number of prioperception cells and increasing their capabilities. This is a wholesale modification that allows for greater hand-eye coordination thanks to increasing users awareness of their limb positions. The user can feel their own heartbeat, movement of the brain in a brain case or bowel action. Overall this benefits the user with +5 COO and +5 SOM. Unfortunately this enhanced sense grants user -20 on any wound related checks and on Integration checks. This augumentation adds +30 to any checks made to diagnose physical afflictions as user can pinpoint and describe in detail any internal pains or sensations. [High] People using Enhanced Prioperception often report the feeling of their organs stretching and sliding against each other to be very distracting and disconcerting. Its users include athletes that want instant feedback on their bodies that allows them to push themselves to the limit without breaking anything or morph designers that use in form of temporary nanoware to "debug" and test their creations. It is a very invasive augumentation, impossible to implant surgically, it has to be built in situ with help of nanotech or coded with retrovirus genepatch to be grown over the course of several months. The second method is approved by Jovian Republic and is hailed there as great replacement for diagnostic power of Medichines. [B]Inertial Sense Enhancement[/b] [I]Cyberware[/I] So called distributed inner ear, this implant consist of few dozens microaccelerometers implanted in bones and connected to cerebellum. After training they enhance users precision of movement and allow for owl like limb stabilisation granting +5 COO and allowing to ignore movement penalties on Shooting tests. It requires some acclimatization period or mental patches to avoid overwhelming nausea. Morphs with Zero-G Nausea become unusable with this augmentation. The price of this augmentation includes psychosurgery and training required to use it effectively. [Expensive] Favourite of many special forces soldiers and spook's everywhere, this augment can be applied in field conditions as a series of deep injections. A rough neural patch requires only few minutes for a trained user to make a splicer into a stabilities weapon platform. Dancers and artists like to use it too to increase fluidity of their motion. Recent scandal where leading dancer of Wild Ballet an all natural, no augumentations dancing troupe was denounced for using it prove that it is almost a necessity for modern artists. EDIT: Style.
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