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CSI: Milky Way

This will probably be covered in more detail in "Gatecrashing", but I thought I'd ask. The book seems to impy that the Iktomi met their end via a technological means (the impression I'm given is a possibly Exsurgent-assisted Hard-Takeoff Singularity), has this been confirmed from transhuman observers, or does it remain speculative? There IS that nearby Pulsar which is interesting in itself as lush Echo II appears to have advoided damage from it (unless that world is actually the ultimate remnants of an Iktomi terraforming program that outlasted it's creators). Is there a definate smoking gun to point to? (course' if Exsurgent is involved the pulsar may BE the smoking gun)

On that note, any evidence that the derilict at Babylon or Wormwood could be Iktomi relics?

Ditto for the Lucans, is there definate evidence that they simply evolved in the wrong place at the wrong time and got KT'd away... or is there evidence for something else? I keep thinking about characters finding an obscure monestary with frantically scrawled glyphs of horrors descending from the skies or of "possessed" monks demonstrating uncomfortably familier asynch-like abilities...

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Re: CSI: Milky Way
    The red sun still hung over the edge of the valley as Krei put his measurements into the groupspace. The overlaid scans filled the valley with markers of ruins, corroded technology and deep scans of the underground spaces. The octopod was gesticulating wildly.

    "Looks like this species was using a *lot* of power. I found at least five remnant fission reactors, and the lower valley was definitely also a coolant dam back in the day. Not to mention those rectenna arrays on the other side of the mountain."

    "Anything on their biology?"

    "Unfortunately, yes. What Nick first thought was rock formations in the tunnels... they are definitely the remains of a *big* peristaltic organic network. And there are something near the reactors that looks like bodies. Elongated, segmented things linked to the tunnel viscera. But we cannot tell from the surface what they are."

    Lindsay began to walk towards the nearest tunnel entrance. He adjusted his ectos.

    "Well, no guts, no glory."


Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Actually, playing an xenoforensic team might be great fun. Was the cause of extinction accident, suicide or foul play? Is that remnant AI a witness or the perpetrator? And will the gatecrashing team or the Firewall proxy lab rats at home in the figure out the crucial clue about the silica dust on the orbital array first?