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Database of beta forks

I always carry fork of Jim Hendrickson with me - yeah this famous mercenary. His fork leaked out some months ago, I don't know how, but it was so hot it spread through the mesh faster, than news about Factors. I carry nicely trimmed beta of him just in case of some trouble - no, it is good beta, he doesn't cause trouble when sock puppeting me. Yeah, there is always some risk, but fork was checked many times over, there are no rumors about any malfunctioning, and in my job being able to overcome simpler killbots solo is worth it. And for technical troubles i carry beta of one good habitat engineer. I don't have even slightest idea who it is - all personal data deleted, but skills are there...


Having library of useful forks in your own skull is nice, but don't forget you can run them in cheap drones.

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Re: Database of beta forks

That's actually a very interesting idea. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a legitimate market in licensed, specially edited forks of skilled specialists to help individuals handle specific situations. Personally, I'd run them as a sub-muse, but then I'm paranoid.

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Re: Database of beta forks

I also like the idea. So here are a few ideas:

Samuel Crowley Jr. was a stand-up comedian of some renown before the Fall. He became famous for entertaining and calming the desperate inhabitants of New Chamonix (Vallis Alpes, Luna) during the worst of the Fall. Unfortunately he eventually died from the same nano-epidemic as most of the other inhabitants, but his estate had backups. They have since then sold forks to people who need a clearsighted, never-give-up and very funny companion.

Dr. Choch Zengyi is an interactive dictionary. Very knowledgeable in linguistics, philology and modern literature, he is just the fork to have around to explain anything literary or academic. Unlike many forks on the market, Dr Zengyi *wants* many copies of himself around. The beta-forks report back interesting findings, helping the alpha refine his academic work.

Lt. Simon Platner is a sought after illegal fork. A skilled tactician, he became particularly famous for the last-ditch defense of Vandenurg Spaceport during the Fall where his forces managed to hold off the TITAN-supported Gordine 533 horde for a week while the last refugees escaped. He perished when setting off a last nukes to sterilize the area but was reinstantiated on Luna, where he now is defence coordinator for the Tranquilitas Security Organisation. However, copies of a late backup found their way to ego-hackers who have produced a saleable Platner fork. The fork is a brilliant, dedicated tactician but notoriously wilful: despite some pretty heavy editing it does not take well to be ordered around. Still, having the Hero of Vandenburg at the planning table counts for a lot.


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Re: Database of beta forks

I think the multiple personality implant allows other forks to come to the fore in this manner.

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