"Defying Gravity"

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"Defying Gravity"

I haven't watched a lot of network TV this summer and by doing so, I almost missed this show. It stars Ron Livingston of "Office Space" and "Band of Brothers" fame. It takes place in the 2050s and involves a space mission to Mercury. I missed the pilot and 2nd episode and I've been catching up on the other episodes by watching them on Hulu. There is some sort of mystery/conspiracy involving something that is in one of their cargo holds. Maybe being in the process of reading the core book has just made me feel like a lot of things are inspiration for EP but there is something about it that makes me think it would be good fodder for EP fans. It feels a bit like a Lost because of the flashbacks prior to the space mission to Mercury.

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Re: "Defying Gravity"

It got canned after the first season - which is somewhat disappointing. While I enjoyed the show it also frustrated (and angered) me at the goofiness of the 'alien objects' and constant 'metaphor for god testing us' bollocks a lot of the characters went on with.

There is a 2? 3? Part BBC teleseries about astronauts travelling around the solar system which was meant to fairly plausible. It came out early 2000s, but I can't remember the name. It is worth getting hold of (by download if you can), if you want a good (but short) series about the exploration of the solar system.

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Re: "Defying Gravity"

Defying Gravity was cool, except for that artefact stuff, and how some viewed it as a test from God, or a threat against him, like that Trudy Chacon-esque latina thumbless pilot.

I was a bit surprised to see the lady who played in that series about a cop going blind turned PI and "dating" that comic book artist vampire. I haven't read the Hilary Duff books they're coming from, either

but I digress. The show had its moment.
Personally, between Defying Gravity and Virtuality, I think Virtuality is a much better inspiration for EP (between the AGI "Jean", the Simulspaces, the Lifebloggers and impending doom)

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