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Developer's Notes!

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Developer's Notes!
Jack has posted up a great set of Developer's Notes about Transhumanity's Fate: http://eclipsephase.com/transhumanitys-fate-developer-notes
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I appreciated these notes.
In particular, I appreciated the candor about how FATE is a somewhat problematic engine to run mysteries and horror stories. OTOH, it is a fantastic engine to explore post-singularity stories in which there is wide-scale indifference to normal constraints like the body; money and scarcity; and limitations or controls on gadgets and energy. If you really want to explore the concepts of EP with a group of likeminded fans of the setting, then FATE is a good choice. I see a character sheet is under development, and I have a suggestion for it. It strikes me that the FATE mechanics of Stress and Consequences are excellent to model the post-scarcity fabber economy, where you can acquire just about anything you can imagine, but there will be costs for it in terms of Aspects and roleplaying challenges. So I would suggest that you add an additional column for Consequences, perhaps an open track for a third variety of Stress, in case someone wants to model something like this in play. Not saying these additions must be labeled on the character sheet, but it would be nice if the character sheet had the capacity and flexibility for some out of the box additions. $0.02.
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If Fate doesn't run mysteries and horror well, did anyone evaluate the work done on EpShoe? http://jonne.arjoranta.fi/epshoe/ Seems gumshoe is perfectly suited for investigation + horror.
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Yeah, Gumshoe is a good fit
Yeah, Gumshoe is a good fit with EP. We've also seen a Savage Worlds conversion. I personally have run EP using both Fiasco and Don't Rest Your Head as engines. I've kicked around what an Apocalypse World EP would look like, too. Anyway... EP is a huge, detailed world, and one of the results of this is that you have to cut parts of it out if you want to use a system that is fine-tuned to produce a certain type of fiction. For example, Fiasco isn't a satisfying system for running a detailed, technical B&E attempt on a hypercorp installation, but it's awesome if you want a story about weird scum barge shenanigans. And Fate is awesome if you want a technothriller, but less awesome at other things. So why Fate over Shoe or Savage Worlds or anything else? Partly it's because Adam's past collaborations on non-Posthuman projects with the folks who work at Evil Hat over the years made it easy & quick for us to get set up as Fate creators. It's great when you can work off a (virtual) handshake rather than going through lots of legal stuff. Why Fate over Shoe, specifically? From my standpoint, Gumshoe is too much like Core EP in a lot of respects. It's a fairly old school, simulationist system that distinguishes itself from fellow travelers like CoC and EP core primarily by the (very important) innovation of making sure investigators get clues needed to move the story forward. You can graft this on to Core EP by tweaking the Moxie rules (as we suggest in Transhuman). For an alt system we wanted to do something really different and radically more simple. So I think EP Shoe is a great idea, but making it wouldn't have been as interesting a project--for me, anyway--as making EP Fate was.
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Very interesting, thank you!
Very interesting, thank you!