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Do Nanoswarms stack?

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Do Nanoswarms stack?
Say Frank the Firewall Agent and Nina the Nine Lives enforcer teamed up to take on a Titan monster, and both hit the Titan beast with a Disassembler Swarm (one each, programmed only to affect the titan machine). Would the swarms deal 2d6 damage to the Titan's armor, or would it be be limited to 1d6? Can such swarms be programs to be that specific, or are they limited to all biological targets or all material targets?
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I would like to think that
I would like to think that such things can occupy the same area as they are generally very dispersed. However, this can lead to an escalating game of increasingly dense nanoswarm conglomerates, and keeping up with that can be a fun killer real quick.
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I would rule: yes but only to
I would rule: yes but only to a certain point. What that point is would probably be: you can stack nanoswarms until they do damage equivalent to creeper or thermite. Alternatively you could rule that you can stack as many as you want but after 2 or 3 they start to interfere with each other and heat released by their actions starts to cook them - so they start to deal damage to each other. The actual numbers would have to be worked out :-/
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I wouldn't let these stack,
I wouldn't let these stack, since otherwise players will just end up replacing the single swarm with a set of them. You've generally got a hive creating the swarm, and if having more were more effective, you'd just adjust your hive to produce more. At some point, you've either got nanobots all over the vulnerable areas, or you have too many and they're interfering with each other.