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Double shape adjusting?

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DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Double shape adjusting?
Can you double shape adjusting ware? With single shape adjusting, you can shape 2 minor gear or 1 moderate gear. I want to double shape adjusting so I can shape major gear or get more minor and moderate gear. Is there anything that can do this?
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
I'd say that's called a
I'd say that's called a Flexbot ;)
icefyer0 icefyer0's picture
There's actually an enemy
There's actually an enemy type called a Shifter that can do this exact thing via liquid-metal type shananigans and can even do it in mere action turns instead of having to wait several minutes. Maybe homebrew a quality that was in-universe created by studying how they function like the old 1e Smart Manipulator backpack and upgrade the complexity of things its applied to respectively, like a utilitool with that tech implemented to allow it to shift in seconds might be moderate instead of minor or something. If you do make such a quality or whatever, I'd like to see it myself.