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Eclipse Phase 2nd edition appreciation thread

Still reading but I have to say that I love this new edition, I don’t know were to start, there are a thousand little changes that improve an already awesome setting, I liked particularly the point of view of locus by a Jovian expatriate and the sideboxes about the daily life of transhumans really give the game a breath of life. While I expected a high quality book like every other produced by posthuman studios this one really exceeded my already high expectations, really guys you have outdone yourselves. I started this thread to show my appreciation for the work put into this book, I hope others will write here what they like about this new edition.

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Thrilled with the final result

I'm also still working through the book in detail, but I've read 75% of it and skimmed the rest. I am very excited about what I'm seeing. I really enjoyed 1st edition, and was concerned about the amount of "dumbing down" that might come with some of the streamlining that was advertised for 2nd edition, or that too much of the crunchy, fiddly bits that I loved would be sacrificed on the altar of streamlining. And frankly, I saw a lot that concerned me in the early playtest.

That said, I feel like second edition benefited tremendously from the playtest period, and I'm thrilled with the final version. In particular, the changes in morphs, gear, forking, and resleeving will really help things keep moving during play; and the revamped Psi system looks phenomenal. All in all it captures the same feel, but with a lot of rough edges smoothed away, and I'm excited to get a real game going.

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I just wanted to drop by to

I just wanted to drop by to tell everyone how much I love John Ademurewa's take on market economies!

Remember, it is against Firewall policy to profit off exsurgent outbreaks you created. This can get you in very much trouble. John Ademurewa knows. - my EP Campaigns (in Finnish, mostly)

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John Ademurewa

They got hit by people not realizing that the anarcho-communist narrator was unreliable, so they switched to an extreme capitalist unreliable narrator.

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It's hard to overstate how

It's hard to overstate how big an improvement the 2nd edition core book is over the first. I mostly expected improved rules and it was the main reason I bought it. But the presentation is also much, much better – the basic stuff like how the mesh works, or how to manage your character's reputation is already there. You no longer need Panopticon to explain it to you.

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I have yet to tackle the new

I have yet to tackle the new rules, but so far I've been reading all the fluff and background, and I like it a lot more than in first edition (where I already liked it, by the way :p).

Also, I think it deserves mentioning that I have the 1st ed book in both drivethroughrpg & dead tree format (imported through Amazon... I think it was the 1st or 2nd printing), and I feel that the new book has value, mostly because I still have to find any copy-paste in the non-rules section, which is a great thing for recurring clients :)