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Eclipse Phase on Amazon

For awhile, we had some issues getting new titles properly listed on Amazon; we're pleased to say that we've hooked up with a new distributor to handle getting stuff to Amazon, and books are now arriving promptly. Amazon now has all of our in print hardcover titles in stock, along with a few other select softcovers. Essentially, if it's in print and it's not a print on demand title, Amazon has it now!

Eclipse Phase

After the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, titles available are:

X-Risks X-Risks

Transhumanity's Fate Transhumanity's Fate

After the Fall After the Fall

Firewall Firewall

Morph Recognition Guide Morph Recognition Guide

Morph Recognition Guide Transhuman

Rimward Rimward

Gatecrashing Gatecrashing

Sunward Sunward

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I just hope that the same stuff will (sooner or later) appear on European Amazon websites. sometimes give overly expensive rate for sending stuff here (I'm in Italy)!