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Eclipse Phase using the world of Altered Carbon

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Eclipse Phase using the world of Altered Carbon
Does anyone know if this will become a possibility and are there online RPG groups doing this? :)
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Aside from needlecasting
Aside from needlecasting making QE comms obsolete, removing gate network and scaling down some of the tech and removing Uplifts... Eclipse Phase has everything needed to just play Altered Carbon as is...
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Other big differences include
Other big differences include the lack of TITANs and the fact that Earth is still humming along smoothly.
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eaton wrote:Earth is still
eaton wrote:
Earth is still humming along smoothly
For some definitions of smoothly, anyway.
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Altered Carbon the Netflix
Altered Carbon the Netflix show or Altered Carbon; the novel trilogy? There are subtle differences...
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A GM to runEclipse Phase using the world of Altered Carbon
Do any of you know of a GM who is happy to run Eclipse Phase using the world of Altered Carbon?
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So SPOILERS for Altered
So SPOILERS for Altered Carbon ahead: * Pandora gates: no (at least until the end of the 2nd book, at the third book the technology discovered at the end of the 2nd). * Egocasting: much faster than in EP (a few hours up to the Kuiper Belt in the Solar System) and the spaceships are faster (slower than light still), but the timeframes in the books are bigger: an Egocast from Harlan's world to Earth took several weeks. * Nanotec & Swarms: much more developed in EP. CA uses those for terraforming and as gray goo swarms (second book). * Morphs: much more advanced, or more varied, in EP. Altered Carbon tends to a more bioconservative preference, or less alien options. The more advanced and less 100% humanlike options for morphs (including infomorphs) are only seen on the third book of AC. * No uplifts. All in all, CA's style is a cyberpunk one, with broad strokes of transhumanism.